Dying dog abandoned in crate in Virginia

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A dog, dehydrated and dying, was abandoned in a crate, left beneath a bush on the 800 Block of N. Patrick St. in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. According to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, the dog, a Yorkshire terrier mix, was in such poor condition by the time that he was found that he could not be saved, despite veterinary attention.

On Thursday, the agency stated, “An examination revealed that the dog, an intact male, was matted with filth and was suffering from dehydration and labored breathing–a possible case of severe heatstroke. Despite expert veterinary treatment, the dog could not be revived.” According to the Washington Post, the dog was young – barely a year of age.

The grim discovery has prompted the offering of a $1,000 reward for any facts that lead to the successful conviction and prosecution of the person(s) responsible. To report information, please call Chief Brian Rees of Animal Services at 703-746-5582, or email [email protected].

According to the Animal Welfare League the dog was wearing a purple collar, without any identification, when he was found. Find the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria on Facebook here.

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  1. find the person and do it to them also.or jail them and lose the keys,plus let everyone in jail know that what the person did to be in jail for.r.i.p sorry the dog died.

  2. Hi that does not even. Look like a puppy. My question is why leave in the cage to suffer i would think the proper punishment wouldbe. Take to Australia Drop him from a helicopter with pig blood smeared all over him in great white sharks. Ocean thatis start

  3. Oh, come on! What the hell is up with all these horror stories? Someone find who did this and post their address. PLEASE! I’ll make the drive there. Really. I’ve reached my limit.

  4. With ALL the RESCUE GROUPS This DID NOT have to happen to this little dog!!!!! The person that did this is NOT FIT TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY!!!!

  5. I personally would be alright with living my live just around animals because there true and loyal and not fake !!! Hate humans cant trust them!!!

  6. This is discusting very hard hard to believe
    There are people that actually abuse there pet, by abandoning
    Them. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.
    The owner should be prosecuted to the max. I’m tired of these
    Parasites killing our animals, with no jail time. They must be held accountable.


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