Dumped at shelter for being ‘too big’ dog’s death sentence awaits at noon

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Calling a one hundred and five pound dog “too big” is perhaps understandable, but when it is a St. Bernard and Pit bull mix that has been part of the family for the last five years, how could you?  JoJo was surrendered on July 5 to the Brooklyn facility of  New York City Animal Care and Control, and his tragic story needs to be told. Early Friday afternoon, through no fault of his own, Jojo is scheduled to be euthanized. JoJo the NYC

Surrendered by a friend of Jojo’s owner, the person provided no information to even help. Every question was answered with the words, “I don’t know it’s my friends dog,” and asked if he could be called later with the answers, the client quickly walked out of the door – Jojo’s future and his life didn’t matter.

Click here for Jojo’s Facebook page on Urgent Dogs of New York City. Upon intake, Jojo was calm and allowed all handling. During SAFER evaluation, Jojo acted friendly, affectionate and social towards the assessor. He followed the handler, mouthed his leash in a playful manner, however during the resources portion Jojo had been guarding his toy; he growled and bit the assessor’s hand  In light of that behavior Jojo has been rated at “rescue only.” JoJo the NYC 2

For more information on adopting from the New York City Animal Care & Control, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:http://information.urgentpodr.org/adoption-info-and-list-of-rescues/

Interested rescuers can also go directly to the At Risk Online site for New York City Animal Care & Control and click here for further information.

Please share Jojo’s story; his life depends on us. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. JoJo the NYC 3

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