Dumped senior shepherd having rough time with life at shelter

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Rockie is a sweet dumped senior shepherd having a very rough time at the shelter after his family surrendered him at a time when he needed them most. For 11-years, Rockie was part of the family, but when he began having difficulty using the stairs in his home and getting around in general, his family surrendered him to a Philadelphia shelter.

According to Rockie’s medical notes, the following issues will need to be evaluated by a veterinarian:

“Weakness in hind when walking. Alopecia around eyes, may be allergies or demodex secondary to decreased immune function. Difficulty ambulating in kennel. Reported difficulty walking stairs in home. Recommend bloodwork and more thorough ortho exam.”

Of course no one knows the situation of Rockie’s former family, however one might ask Rockie how he feels? In addition, he seems to display symptoms of general neglect.

“Coming to the shelter can be an upsetting change, especially after such a long time with one family. Rockie has been doing well with staff, allowing handling and accepting treats. He much prefers to lounge in his kennel on the big fluffy bed than be up and active. He is in desperate need of help from someone who can get him the vet care he needs and find him a loving home to spend his golden years,” has been posted on Rockie’s Facebook page as advocates are encouraged to share this sad dog’s desperate plight.

According to Philly’s Urgent Page, Rockie is at risk for euthanasia. Please share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media resources. Sharing saves lives.

MUST FIND EXIT by 11/3, 8 pm
ROCKIE – A33877963- Rescue Only
Breed: German Shepherd.
Intake: Owner surrender on 10/31 (health of animal).
Age: 11 years. Senior.
Weight: 77 lbs.
Sex/Alter Status: Unaltered male.

Email [email protected] to save Rockie.

(Photo of dumped senior shepherd via Philly Urgent Page)

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  1. Just received this:

    Hello there,
    Thank you so much for your interest in Rockie. I am happy to tell you that he has been confirmed with rescue, and will be making his way out of the shelter shortly.

    Thanks again!


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