Drunk puppy passed out on Facebook photo leads to cruelty charge

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In Ashtabula, Ohio, three area residents face animal cruelty charges on Thursday, after police say they forced a dog to drink alcohol and then posted the photo of the drunk puppy on their Facebook page. According to Humans Loving Animals, police arrived at a home located on the  300 block of West 53rd Street on Monday afternoon after numerous calls from outraged citizens, who viewed the disturbing photo on social media, and notified authorities.

Charged with a first degree misdemeanor for cruelty to a companion animal, Jennifer Schwab, 36, Tanna J. Howser, 32, and Farrell Weger, 39, allegedly fed the three-month-old puppy a mixture of vodka and Kahlua. When the drunk puppy passed out on the floor, the trio took her picture and posted:

“lilybug is drunk she pass the (****) out on us LOL.”

Animal Control removed the dog from the home. The pup is currently in the custody of the Animal Protective League in Kingsville Township states the Ashtabula police report. According to City Solicitor Michael Franklin, the Facebook photo presented a disturbing view of the “thought processes” of the three accused.

(Photo of drunk puppy Ashtabula PD)

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7 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    I hope these people get the harshest punishment, which includes public postings of this unbelievable and cruel act to a puppy. Let’s make them drink Kahlua and Vodka until it kills them!! Post this everywhere so their faces are recognizable to the public!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Morons! It’s lucky the poor puppy didn’t die from this! I’m glad she is safe and away from these idiots, I hope she finds a loving home.

  3. Barbara says:

    Poor puppy! vodka down my throat burns I can’t even imagine and being sick after. They are lucky they didn’t kill the baby pup. I truly hope they get some kind of jail time and to never be able to own any animal ever again.

  4. Jennie Brennan says:

    It should be a felony… what a bunch of idiot bitches – wish someone would force feed them some poison and then take pictures

  5. Edward says:

    You dumb f*** still really that cold could kill that puppy you piece of garbage I hope they slap you so f****** hard and pricing in jail whatever f*** is going to give you another slap in the f****** rest you scumbags


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