Hunting dogs died in bear hunt

Dozens of hunting dogs died amidst bear hunt

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Hunters, on a quest to kill bears, are angry that their hunting dogs are dying as well – according to multiple sources, a record number of dogs were killed during bear hunts this season in Wisconsin.

The number of dead hunting dogs from this bear season stands at 40 – hunters are angry because they believe that high numbers of wolves in the area are to blame. Hunters are now pushing for wolf population management, fearing that the number of wolves roaming the area has climbed too high, reported WBAY News. Hunter Manny Elbe told WBAY, “It’s a terrible thing when your dog’s eaten alive, you know, and it hasn’t happened to me yet but a lot of guys that I know, they’ve lost a lot of good dogs.”

However, for the time being, wolves are off limits because they are protected in Wisconsin, where they are recognized as an endangered species.

As reported in, not everyone believes that an increased wolf population is to blame for the spike in hunting dog deaths. Adrian Wydeven, a former wildlife biologist, thinks that a recent bear hunt permitting change, which now allows bait to be used during bear hunts, could be behind the increase in dog deaths. He explained, “When hunters release their dogs at the bear baits to go chase bears, there’s a chance if wolves have recently visited the site, they could be sending their dogs after wolves.”

Experts have noted that next year’s hunt will have to be examined to see if the high number of hunting dogs killed during the bear hunt season is repeated.

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    F****** hunters. Dogs should NOT be used for hunting – especially this type of hunting. If these idiots cared about the dogs, they would leave them home. In fact, they wouldn’t be out there, killing bears or wolves or whatever. All three of my Treeing Walker Coonhounds were adopted by me from high-kill shelters in NC and SC, where they were dumped by hunters. My Kyoko had almost been starved. Seiji was likely abused and neglected. Kenji was just a puppy – 7 months old when confiscated with 30+ other hounds who were tied along the property line of a guy involved in cock fighting (illegal and very cruel). Kenji was as sweet as can be, despite the fact that he had no human affection, but very underweight (although nowhere near as bad as Kyoko had been). While I do realize there are actually some hunters who actually care about their dogs, most see them as “equipment” and if they are mad their dogs got killed, it means they are mad that now they have to go out and get more dogs – and that the dogs didn’t get the bear or whatever the hunter was after. The only things my dogs hunt for are the most comfortable spot on the bed and the treats in my hand.


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