Dozens of Dobermans seized from suspected puppy mill operation

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According to Friday’s publication of The Herald, dozens of Dobermans have been seized from the home of a suspected puppy mill operator. The man accused of running the Chester County, South Carolina, puppy mill operation has been identified as 47-year-old Jordan James Johnson.

Johnson has been arrested on a bench warrant unrelated to the breeding operation – other charges related to this incident are expected. The dogs who were living at Johnson’s property were said to be existing in “deplorable” conditions and they are described as being in poor health.


Authorities who participated in Friday’s seizure noted that the dogs did not have access to clean water and their food was old and “mushy” from rain water.

The dogs seized were taken by the Chester County Animal Control – the agency is hoping to find foster homes for the Dobermans seized from this suspected puppy mill operation.

Chester, SC

  1. susispot
    susispot says:

    Yipes! He looks like a peach of a fella (NOT). I hope the dogs get placed in safe homes and will make their way to caring families. Dobies are intelligent animals, loyal too.


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