Dozens of Dobermans seized from suspected puppy mill operation

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According to Friday’s publication of The Herald, dozens of Dobermans have been seized from the home of a suspected puppy mill operator. The man accused of running the Chester County, South Carolina, puppy mill operation has been identified as 47-year-old Jordan James Johnson.

Johnson has been arrested on a bench warrant unrelated to the breeding operation – other charges related to this incident are expected. The dogs who were living at Johnson’s property were said to be existing in “deplorable” conditions and they are described as being in poor health.


Authorities who participated in Friday’s seizure noted that the dogs did not have access to clean water and their food was old and “mushy” from rain water.

The dogs seized were taken by the Chester County Animal Control – the agency is hoping to find foster homes for the Dobermans seized from this suspected puppy mill operation.

Chester, SC

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  1. susispot says:

    Yipes! He looks like a peach of a fella (NOT). I hope the dogs get placed in safe homes and will make their way to caring families. Dobies are intelligent animals, loyal too.

    • Jeremy says:

      We are now fostering one of the pups from this unfortunate situation. . His name is Spike and is an absolute sweetheart. He is so timid and has no idea what it is like to be in a normal environment. He has a lot of scars on his muzzle, had rough looking coat and was under weight when he arrived. Just wants to be loved and has learned so much in a very small amount of time that we have had the privilege to have him.

      We have 2 dobes…a 7 y/o red male that I’ve had since a puppy and the 2nd is a 4y/o 3-legged (tripawd) male. They are great teachers. It’s great to see him learn from them and mimick their behaviors. Spike is a puppy so he has his puppy traits. He obviously was never been potty trained, but now is on a schedule and is much better. He was also neutered just before we got him so marking has been some work, but knows when he has made a mistake.

      Spike will no longer worry about being abused, being fed good food & clean water, fighting to survive, or live in deplorable conditions. It’ll be tough if Spike were to go to another home and we are considering keeping him because we have really become close to him. He has a lot of potential. His weight is getting closer to being normal and his stamina is building.

      Spike’s back legs were atrophied and he could barely stand, but now he has the energy, proper nutrition, and is filling out nicely. After 2 weeks he can now hang with our dobes physically. We’ve slowly started to socialize him with people and other dogs.

      Our friends who adopted one of our fosters brought their dobe over last weekend. Their dobe is a 110 lbs pup with infinite energy. Spike was so good with their pup and has displayed a new playful behaviors that we haven’t seen, previously.

      Just wanted to give a positive update of our experience to this horrible story. No worries about this guy. He’s in good hands and responding great. Spike will now be able to reach his full potential and live the remainder of his life in a playful and stress-free environment. We guarantee it!

    • jeanette says:

      susispot, I know you didn’t mean to make me laugh, but when I read, “he looks like a peach of a fella, (NOT), I couldn’t help myself. I totally agree with you. hopefully Doberman rescue can help.


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