Dogs put down after fatal attack were not the culprits

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The dogs who were put down after being implicated in the fatal mauling of a Dallas, Texas, woman have been cleared of blame following DNA testing. According to Monday’s Associated Press, the results of the DNA testing failed to produce a link between the dogs put down, and the woman who died in the May attack.

The victim, 52-year-old Antoinette Brown, died a week after a pack of dogs attacked her in a vacant lot on Rutledge Street early on May 2. A nearby resident who could hear Brown moaning and calling for help reached out to 911 dispatch – she stated that she was too scared to go outside. A second person called 9-1-1 nearly 15 minutes later to report that the woman was still being attacked by a pack of dogs – the man advised the dispatcher that the dogs were actively attacking the woman and that he was unable to get close enough to stop the mauling. Nobody was able to identify the dogs involved in the early morning attackWoman killed in fatal dog attack

After the attack, and Brown’s death, seven dogs in the neighborhood, who were accused of frequently escaping from their yard, were surrendered by their owner and subsequently euthanized. The DNA testing ruled out those dogs as being part of the fatal attack. The case has now been closed.


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  1. right just close the case you murdered innocent animals and no care in the world about it, sorry the woman died but next time do your job right

  2. Why wasn’t the DNA testing done before these dogs were senselessly murdered? Their only crime was “frequently escaping” their yard! And why is the case closed? These dog’s weren’t responsible, shouldn’t someone be looking for the ones that were? This was a horrible rush to judgement!

  3. So now the murderer’s just say “Whoopsie” and go on with their lives? They should have waited fir the DNA test. I wonder if the FACT that they MURDERED two innocent dogs bother them. I bet the answer is no.

  4. THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE The “NO STAR” STATE OF TEXAS!!!! “STUPID IS SO STUPID DOES!!!!!” SEVEN INNOCENT DOGS WERE More or less SACRIFICED So those MORON”S that Running the Show in DALLAS can say they KILLED some DOGS THAT MAY HAVE RUN LOOSE at ONE TIME OR ANOTHER… Although NOT the DOGS that Apparently killed the woman… WOW!!!! TEXAS The TEN GALLON hats YOU WEAR down there are BIGGER than your BRAINS!!!

  5. This is total bullshit! You can do DNA testing on a dog without MURDERING it! Why weren’t the dogs innocent until proven guilty?! I hope the owner of those poor 7 dogs sues the city!


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