Dog, too weak to walk, discovered in Ohio

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A dog, too frail and weak to walk, was rescued in Lorain County, Ohio, on Monday. According to Tuesday’s Fox 8 News, the skeletal bulldog mix weighed in at a mere 30 pounds – every bone on his frail body painfully evident. The veterinarian who is treating him, Dr. Thomas Wood with the Lorain Animal Clinic, provided a sad statement about the dog’s pitiful condition, “We see 24,000 patients a year. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. And this is one of the skinniest dogs that has been brought in.”

The emaciated dog was spotted by a good Samaritan before animal control was contacted – it is surmised that someone kept the dog, dubbed “Augie,” in a cage or crate long enough to nearly kill him, before abandoning him.


On Tuesday, Doc Rick Boz, humane officer for the Lorain Police Department, posted photos of Augie to Facebook, along with a bit of information about the abused dog:

Here’s Augie, as I call him, today out for a bit of fresh air. He’ll be staying at the Lorain Animal Clinic for a few more days, then going to Friendship APL. He’ll go one of their foster homes experienced with caring for dogs in this condition.

According to Boz, any donations for Augie should be sent to Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria.

(Photos via Doc Rick Boz FB page)

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  1. Sophie Alev says:

    Owner of this beautiful dog should be charged with animal cruelty and locked up. THIS IS A CRIME. Dogs provide us unconditional love and what do they get in return???? This is unacceptable.

  2. virginia green says:

    i hope and pray the dog will get better soon..find who did it to the 4 legged kid wearing fur and do it to them also.

  3. pat says:

    There is a special place in he for people who torture maim and kill the innocent. I am their voice. Will you be thiers?-


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