Dog with rotten mouth discovered

Dog with ‘rotten mouth’ found on California freeway

Update 10/27/16: Rescued!

A senior dog, with a mouth full of rotten teeth, was discovered on a freeway in California. The 10-year-old Chiweenie, dubbed “Freeway,” was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on October 23 and she is in need of help from a reputable rescue organization.

On Sunday, the non-profit organization, “At-Choo Foundation,” wrote:

Today, I met a chiweenie who seems ancient and who was found on the freeway in Los Angeles. She has a mouth full of painful, infected and rotten teeth. She also has a significant heart murmur. AND a great appetite, none the less! Her name is, Freeway, in honor of the place that caused her to be found.

The At-Choo Foundation has committed to lending financial help to a reputable rescue agency who is willing and able to take this senior dog under its wing.

Please help network on behalf of “Freeway” to help find a reputable rescue agency to take her in.

Baldwin Park Shelter (Los Angeles) 626-962-3577. ID Number A5005015…7 pound female