Dog rescued from hoarding house – why doesn’t anyone want me?

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A middle-aged dog, no longer a puppy, but not yet a senior, is waiting for someone to find him worthy of being adopted. The dog, named “Joss,” is only five or six years of age and he should have years of life and love to share with someone special – if only someone will take notice of him and give him a chance.

Joss was rescued from horrific conditions at a hoarders house – he was one of 29 dogs who were living in squalor. One by one the other dogs have found a home, but Joss remains alone, waiting and hoping for his chance at love too.

According to the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, Joss is a cuddly, sweet-natured lap dog who just wants to share his life with an adoring owner. Sadly, he has been calling a kennel “home” since he was rescued back in mid-July. On Friday, the following words were shared to Facebook on Joss’ behalf:

Joss why doesn’t anyone want me? Please consider opening your home and heart to Joss 5 yrs super calm and loving. One of the 29 Rescued from the unimaginable hoarding house.

Interested in Joss? Please send and email to [email protected]

Click here to watch a video of Joss on Facebook.


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