Dog rescued after she gets her head stuck in hole

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In the San Martin area of Peru, a local stray Labrador retriever found herself in a rather precarious position while searching for food; oops – her head became stuck in a hole, reports the Daily Record.

The very sweet dog, named Nikki by local residents, had been searching for food in a nearby canal and lost her way. When she looked up and spotted daylight, she began to climb out of the hole; that is except the opening was only big enough for her head. Fortunately a passerby spotted her, notified rescue workers, and  then came the plan to free her.

Residents gave Nikki food and water while she waited patiently as rescuers dug and drilled a hole around where she was trapped.

Sadly, Peru is known to have a sad stray dog problem. In their six  years of existence, the non profit organization, Peru Street Dogs have saved  the lives of more than 230 dogs. To help, read more by clicking here.

Hopefully someone will adopt Nikki now and give her a “furever” wonderful life:

(Photo via YouTube)

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