Dog pulled from death row knew love before dying

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Her name was “Paige,” and this week, she was pulled from a busy animal control agency in New York where she was scheduled to be put down. Judging by Paige’s pitiful body – life was neither easy, nor good. It is unlikely that she spent a day of her life knowing the touch of a kind hand, the taste of quality food, or the comfort of a soft bed.

Paige was whisked away from her nightmarish past by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs – the rescue agency rushed her to a veterinarian for critical, life-saving treatment.

Paige was found to be suffering from Cushings Disease – untreated, the sickness caused Paige’s abdomen to distend, her skin to become infected and her immune system to deteriorate. While her immune system was greatly compromised, pneumonia took hold during her stay at the animal control agency.13669146_973359962773059_6138767908674704339_n

The rescue group did their utmost for Paige – she was provided with round-the-clock veterinary care at a veterinary hospital and showered with more attention than she had likely ever seen in her life. In the end, disease and weakness won out over effort, hope and love.

On Friday, the rescue group broke the tragic news of Paige’s passing to Facebook followers, “Paige has crossed the rainbow bridge and I’m sitting here trying to process my thoughts as I write this.”


When her “owner” dumped her at the ACC she immediately contracted whatever was in the air. Pneumonia is dangerous in a healthy dog, in Paige’s physical state, it became treacherous. She was unable to fight off the virus compounded with all of her additional ailments. Her heart could not withstand the fight she needed to generate and at about 11 AM this morning she peacefully passed.

Screenshot (835)Paige finally knew the kindness, love and tenderness which she had been denied for too long. The rescue group wrote, “I loved her. I loved the moments we shared. The way she knew “Good girl” and responded by looking not just at me, but into me. Paige touched my soul.”

In the end, it was strangers who loved Paige – strangers who rose up to support her needs and it was strangers who are mourning her passing. Rest in peace sweet girl.

(Photos via Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs)

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  1. How my heart breaks for these dogs and the ones trying to help them. I was following Paige’s journey and was heartbroken when she passed and I didn’t even know her. There is a special place in heaven for these angels may they find comfort in the ones they do save.

  2. that is so sad.why did they not treat her sooner so she could have a chance at a cage free life? sorry for ur lost.but she knew in her heart at the time you people had her that she was cage free and getting loved the best for her until she could not handle nomore.she is looking over you all and always will be.keep up the good work.

  3. I don’t think much of her owners who left her at the shelter. They probably knew something was wrong and either didn’t want to spend the money or couldn’t but they should have said something. Poor sweet Paige was in pain and sad about being left behind. She felt your love for her because you were with her and cared for her. And you where there when she passed. God bless all of you for what you do. I have always believed that with all the love our pets give us unconditionally its the least we can do is be with them when they pass on. I will never let my babies die alone.

  4. I had been following her progress and watched the very sad video of her trying to breathe and shaking. My heart broken for her and how her low life guardian discarded her. RIP little girl, know how much you were loved and are in full health now.


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