Dog owners laugh as cop cuts his hand rescuing dog out of hot car

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A Black River Falls, Wisconsin woman laughed at a patrolman after the Sparta Police officer cut his hand while breaking into the dog owner’s hot car to rescue her dog on Friday, reports the LaCrosse Tribune. Sparta Police car

As temperatures soared into the 90s, when the officer arrived at a Walmart parking lot, he waited ten minutes for the owners to return. Store personnel had made multiple announcements to shoppers that a dog was in distress in the parking lot asking the owners to immediately report to their vehicle. No one answered when police decided to take  action.  The responding officer then broke a window, cutting his hand on the broken glass, while saving the dog.

According to a police report, the vehicle owners Santana Martinez and Melissa Rincon eventually returned to their car and “expressed their displeasure” stating, “that’s what you get” in reference to the officer’s injured hand. Both Martinez and Rincon face animal cruelty charges.

Police  again remind dog owners to leave their pets at home.

(Photo Sparta Police Department)

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  1. I hope the dog was taken away from them and will NOT be given back to them. I PRAY they get jail time or least a HUGE fine. I would love to see those kind of people locked up in a hot car for about 3 hours without a window open, no water and see how they like it. I hope the Police Officer is okay. Thank you for looking out for a dog that had the WORST possible owners.

  2. So Morons Santana Martinez and Melissa Rincon thought it funny a police officer got hurt saving their dog that could have died through their negligence. Certainly wonderful, humane people (sarcasm). Please take their dog away from them before they do kill it.

  3. I sincerely hope the officer recovers quickly and completely, and applaud the officer’s compassion and dedication. Martinez and Rincon are the lowest of the low. No compassion or empathy whatsoever. Please do NOT give them back their dog, and let’s hope they get jail time for the animal cruelty they perpetuated.

  4. make him pay animals he can ever have,plus jail time because cop got harm for saving a 4legged kid inside a very hot car with no windows open at all.

  5. I think they should be charged with something more than just animal cruelty, maybe something that would give them second thoughts on laughing at someone getting hurt. Glad they named them, hopefully people in their area will give them a taste of justice for both the police office and the dog.

  6. I hope they get jail time AND fined for leaving their dog in the car!!! And I hope they get cut on glass and see how it feels!!! They are unappreciative of what the officer did for them. I bet though if he did noting and the poor dog died they would blame him and press charges against him. Bitches!!!

  7. Morons need jail time and pay for the injury to that officer and they owe him an apology for their ignorance and arrogance that they think they can get away with there wrong doing and harming a living furkid. They need to be banned from owning any animal. And there punishment should include sitting in a hot car with hands tied so they cannot open windows or doors like durkid cannot they trust us. Karma will get both them hopeful 100 times over. Prayers to that awesome officer and may God watch over him would like to know what happened to this furkid

  8. AH— These Latino “LADIES” are too engrained in How animals across the boarder are treated!!!! They should be sent back there since they think THEY are ABOVE treating their PET with dignity, love and compassion!!!! INSTEAD of finding a DEAD LITTLE HARMLESS PET that they were so ENVOLVED IN THEIR SHOPPING THAT THEY COULDN”T RESPOND TO A DISTRESS CALL FOR THEM RTO GO OUT TO THEIR CAR!!!

  9. This is not a laughing matter, if the dogs owner was so careless & heartless concerning the well being of their dog they don’t deserve to have this dog returned to them. You can’t fix stupid!

  10. Careful, “putas”: Stand too close to an officer in a stressful situation (read that: your scornful, derisive laughter) and his sidearm might just go off in the heat of the moment – pun most assuredly intended – and not a tear would be shed, to rid the world of such insensitive , c*nts as the two of you…

    • AH!!!! YOU are so very right about these two Privileged Prima Donna’s !!! It IS more IMPORTANT for these “LADIES???” to fill their Walmart Carts with bargains than to be concerned with their Pet dying of a heat STROKE … They need to be banned from ever owning pets!

  11. God Bless the Police officer who risked injury for this poor dog!!
    The two POS idiots that were to busy spending their public welfare funds instead of taking care of their “pet” should get a huge fine and at the very least 6 months public service cleaning the police station under supervision!!!
    These two idiots are the poster children of LOSERS!!!!


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