Dog owner responds to Montreal ban on pit bulls in best way

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When popular animal advocate Lynn Dalton, of Ishpeming, Michigan reacted to the news of Tuesday’s legislation as Montreal City Council voted 37-23 to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs, she posted a photo of her own dog on social media and asked Facebook followers to also post pictures of their own “banned” pups: lynn-dalton-11

“This is my beautiful pittie. I guess she would be considered “deplorable” in Montreal and would be killed. Let’s everyone see your deplorables,” stated Lynn on her Facebook page.

The antiquated breed specific legislation (BSL) which judges all dogs with certain body types, square heads and just the chance they could be viewed as a pit bull or any pit bull type goes into effect across all 19 Montreal boroughs beginning October 3. Three months ago, Montreal resident, Christiane Vadnais, 55, was mauled to death by a dog; the pet was initially identified as a pit bull, however the police have never verified that information. The attack caused a province-wide debate on the breed – of course blaming any dog even slightly resembling a pit bull as a monster. Ironically, media has since reported the dog involved in the woman’s death identified the dog, named Lucifer, as a boxer with a previous bite record.

On Wednesday, the Montreal SPCA  filed documents at the courthouse hoping to suspend the application of some sections of the new law alleging those that specifically target pit bulls are discriminatory and contrary to Quebec’s animal-welfare laws. Although the organization states this will be an uphill battle, they will appear in court on Monday and ask a judge to suspend the application of the provisions that pertain to pit bull type dogs pending a lawsuit citing arguments to overturn the new bylaw.

“We urgently filed a lawsuit against the city of Montreal,” Alanna Devine, director of animal advocacy for the Montreal SPCA, said. “The argument is that there are serious legal issues with the bylaw, there is serious prejudice or harm that will occur and that it’s irreparable.”

In a petition which has garnered more than 267,000 signatures will be presented to:

  • Maire, Ville de Montréal / Mayor, City of Montreal
    Denis Coderre
  • Montreal City Council

asking government officials to reverse their decision. Don’t forget to sign the petition.

And now it’s time to meet some more of these delightful pooches in no particular order – just pit bull breeds. lynn-dalton-4lynn-dalton-5 lynn-dalton-3





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