Dog not allowed to stay with family – he needs a Christmas miracle

Dog not allowed to stay with family
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A young dog in Long Beach, California, is not allowed to stay with his family, who lives in a mobile home park. The handsome, blue-eyed pup is in need of a Christmas miracle – somewhere safe to stay before he is forced out. A woman who is trying to find a reputable rescue agency to take this dog in explained the urgency of the situation, “Sadly park management doesn’t allow pit-bulls, found out about him and wants him out by MONDAY.”

Dog not allowed to stay with his family

This soon-to-be displaced pup wound up with his current family after being found by a teenager – his advocate explained:

The teenage son of his current family found him months ago begging for food in front of a grocery store in North Long Beach. The kid was looking around and waiting to see if there was an owner, but nobody came. So he took him home. His parents were NOT happy. So the kid made fliers and posted them inside the store and also in the surrounding area.

The woman, named Claudia, added:

I was contacted about him a few days ago and just to be sure, we scanned him for a chip. Boom, this boy had a micro chip!!! In the hopes to find his owner we contacted the micro chip company, just to find out that his chip was NOT registered.

This dog is not allowed to stay where he currently lives and his microchip provides no clue as to who he truly belongs to.

Claudia stated:

I’m looking for a REPUTABLE local rescue, foster or adopter. He is between 1 – 2 years old, has baby blue, almost white eyes and weights about 60 lbs. He is friendly with other animals (with proper introduction of course) and great with people.

Those interested in helping (who live in the Long Beach, CA area) are asked to email [email protected]

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  1. He is gorgoues. Telefunken trailer park that should allow people get about taking any meds pitbulls HBO b******* a pitbull is not a dangerous animal it has to be trained to be miserable in Tustin Rochas excetera excetera

  2. Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth, period. The filth who run this mobile home park need to wake the hell up to the fact that THEY are the killers and evil here, not the dogs! I am so sick and tired of this ignorance, and innocent dogs paying for it. This puppy is gorgeous and deserves a home, and I don’t understand how someone could look at him and think ‘killer’.

    • Found that out the hard way. You have to pay every year to renew which not everyone can do every year. It’s like having a phone and no service attached. ????????????????

    • This dog looks like a wonderful dog.He was a rescue dog to begin with.The son was only trying to help the dog. Don’t take him to the shelter he’s looks like a large dog and they tend to have a harder time getting out alive.Please I prayinging he finds his forever home.Its sad he looks like he’s happy dog. Good Luck Please screen the people interested in him and make sure he goes to a person or family that will make a life long committment to ensure his happiness.

  3. More than likely the park’s insurance company won’t allow bully breeds in that park. I’ve seen it a hundred times. We need to change the way insurance companies think.
    This dog is beautiful and the boy was only trying to help.

  4. Wouldn’t the micro chip company know who the chip had gone to and have some idea who placed it? I hope he finds a loving home.

  5. Has this dog still looking for a home?I hope someone opens up their home to this dog.He probably would be over looked in any shelter cause they are all full and he’a bog dog.Praying for a succesdful outcome.


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