Dog named Tiger in Arizona shelter for 9 years waits for his forever home

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One of the most well-loved Christmas carols of all time is “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” The song strikes a chord in all of us bringing back sentimental feelings of home, family and feelings of peace, love and security. But what if you’ve never had a happy home where you felt loved and secure and your only memories were of fear and suffering? Tiger, a dog at the Maricopa Animal Safe Haven never knew a happy, loving  home and was brought to the shelter almost nine years ago, as a result of a cruelty case.

Apparently, he was forced to fight other dogs for his food. Because of this rough start in life. he was not very trusting of people when he first arrived at the shelter. Over the years though he has been trained and socialized enough to have overcome these issues and has become a loving, affectionate boy who loves people and attention.

Although he is treated well at the Maricopa Animal Safe Haven, he like any other dog wants a home and a family to love him; not spend his days in a cage. During his nine years of residency at the Maricopa shelter (longer than any other dog), Tiger was adopted out multiple times but returned each time. Imagine his heartbreak thinking he had finally found his forever home and family only to be returned to a cage.

According to the Maricopa Shelter staff, Tiger does well with and around other dogs that are calm in nature. However, he will respond defensively if another dog shows aggression toward him.  Because of this it would be best for Tiger to go to a home where he is the only pet. He also needs an owner who is strong and can give him a lot of time and attention. The potential adopter(s) must live in Maricopa County, Arizona.  This will help make Tiger’s transition from shelter to home go much more smoothly and enable the staff to do periodic checks on him

Anyone interested in adopting Tiger can contact the Maricopa Animal Safe Haven at 602-876-1212.

As the end of another day draws near, Tiger sits in his kennel disappointed that another day has passed and still no one has come for him. As he drifts off the sleep with his head on his paws his last thoughts will be “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.”

(Photo of Tiger courtesy of Maricopa Animal Safe Haven)

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  1. These reports are so well written and so saddening that they would elicit tears from Genghis Kahn’s eyes! Nine years in the same kennel, this is the stuff movies are made of – but that would be good as many movies tend to have a happy ending. Wouldn’t it be great if he found a home and for what remaining years of his life could feel he was finally home. Wishing you lots of love and luck, TIger! What a lovely looking baby boy too.

  2. I came upon this post as I have shared this sweet dog a year ago! Cannot find if he finally got adopted. This just broke my heart! Where can I look to see if Tiger finally has a home?? ????????????????????????


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