Dog mourns loss of earthquake victim

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A dog, belonging to one of nearly 300 people who perished in the devastating earthquake in Italy, is mourning the loss of his beloved owner. According to Monday’s publication of the Telegraph, “Flash,” a Cocker spaniel, was so distraught at the funeral of his 45-year-old owner, that he clawed at the coffin and tried to get as close as possible to the man he loved.

Andrea Cossu had been vacationing in the village of Pescara del Tronto when the 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit – Cossu’s life ended when he was crushed in a falling building. People who knew Cossu and Flash have stated that the pair were “inseparable.” Fortunately, Flash still has a home to return to – Cossu’s wife survived the earthquake and the dog will stay with her.

Last Wednesday’s earthquake devastated several rural towns in central Italy – according to BBC News, survivors who have been displaced from their homes by the natural disaster will be provided with wooden huts to help get them through inclement weather. According to SWI SwissInfo, aftershocks continue to rock the area.

(Screenshot via The Telegraph)

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