Dog missing from boarding facility

Dog missing after being boarded at ‘Pet Resort’

A dog who was sent to a Sacramento, California, pet resort boarding facility last week, has disappeared. According to Monday’s publication of the Sacramento Bee, “Patches,” a Jack Russell terrier mix, was boarded at the Sacramento Pet Resort & Spa when he disappeared on Saturday morning.

Patches’ owner, Roxanne Ullman, said that her fiancé learned about the devastating situation after calling the boarding facility late Saturday morning. Staff at the business informed the man that Patches had somehow escaped through a fence in an outdoor play area during the midst of a fight between two other dogs.

Shauna Verkade, one of the owners of the boarding facility, told the Sacramento Bee that nothing like this has ever happened before. The little dog’s owners told the publication that they were were not allowed to see the pet area from which Patches disappeared, nor did staff at the boarding business offer to help them search for the missing dog.

The business has offered up a $1,000 reward for Patches’ safe return. The dog has a microchip and was wearing identification tags at the time that he disappeared. Anyone with information is asked to call Patches’ owner at 818-390-4577.

(Photo/family photo screenshot via SacBee)

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