Dog hanging from truck rescued by police

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A small dog is alive today thanks to the efforts of officers with the Arkansas City Police Department in Kansas. On Monday, the police department released information about the rescue effort which saved the dog from dying in the parking lot of a Wal-mart store located at 2701 North Summit.

According to the department, officers were already at the store attending to a shoplifting situation when they were alerted to a dog in distress by a store employee. The department wrote, “Sergeant Legleiter and Officer Hammond were notified by a Wal-Mart worker that a dog was hanging by his leash outside of a truck. Sergeant Legleiter and Officer Hammond quickly responded to the nearby vehicle and saw that the dog had essentially hung himself from the leash.”

Screenshot (729)By the time the officers reached the dog, it already appeared to be too late – the dog was motionless and appeared to have died. Sergeant Legleiter used his duty knife to cut the dog’s leash and Officer Hammond began tending to the dog once he was on the ground. The department explained, “Officer Hammond helped the dog breathe by removing the constricting collar and applying pressure intermittently to the dog’s side. After several minutes had passed, the dog became more and more responsive and showed signs of life little by little. Eventually, the dog appeared to have fully recovered from the incident and was able to stand under his own power.

According to NBCi 4 News, it will be up to the prosecutor to determine if the dog’s owners will face charges for the incident.

(Photos via Arkansas City Police Department)

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    • Yolanda Dillon Lyons says:

      I am quite certain that the owner had left the window down and tied the leash to something inside the vehicle. The dog probably jumped or fell out the window after the owner had left. If you look at the top picture, the leash is definitely inside the vehicle. I don’t believe the owner intentionally left the animal hanging, as you seem to think. Should the owner be punished? If there is a punishment for stupidity, then yes.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I don’t think Mongibello was saying the “owner” left the dog hanging, the Walmart employee who notified the police could have done something about the dog hanging. I would also called them a Monster for seeing the dog hanging and not going to it’s aid. The owners lack of responsibility is another issue!

  1. ann says:

    The owner tried to kill his dog. What the f- do you mean it will be up to the prosecutor to press charges. Absolutely the freak needs to be jailed and the dog removed. I have had enough of this shit.

    • Mike says:

      The dog jumped out of the truck… the window was left down so the dog didnt get hot. It was a mistake. Nice to see all the angry women on here jumping immediately to the person is this or that… this is why there is so much hate…

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        It was a mistake that could have ended with the dog being dead. Although it was probably a good idea to tether the dog,and leave the window open for the heat, obviously, the leash was too long if the dog could jump out the window. They are lucky the truck wasn’t stolen leaving it with the windows down like this.

        Yes that’s why we are here, spreading the “hate” I guess we shouldn’t be so incensed at the stupidity of these owners.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    The dog didn’t need to be at Walmart in the truck while the owners shopped in the first place. Although it was probably a good idea to tether the dog,obviously, the leash was too long if the dog could jump out the window. Then they are lucky the truck wasn’t stolen leaving it with the windows down like this. I would like to know why the Walmart employee didn’t help the dog instead of waiting and alerting the police. This was bad situation all around, the owners showed a grave lack of caring about their dog, thank goodness the officers were there and saved the poor dog. Charges? I would think they should be charged with something, but doubt if they would get more than a slap on the hand in the first place. Thank you Arkansas City Police Department, you rock!

    • Susan Steele Loughnane says:

      I was wondering the same thing. If I saw a dog hanging like that I would have run to his aid. I imagine the heat and humidity would have made the inside of the car miserable so the dog should have been left at home, absolutely. The dog is probably guilty of the hanging, jumping out with a leash long enough to get through the window but not long enough to reach the ground. Thank goodness the officer made some effort to revive this poor little guy. The photos are heartbreaking. I hope the owners are charged with something, but you are probably right, nothing much will happen.

  3. Vicki says:

    Wondering why someone did not help this dog before the police got there ?? You can bet your ass if i had walked by i would have cut the leash and THEN alerted the police.

  4. cindy ruth says:

    Good for the employee to report the dog in distress, but I wouldn’t have waited, I would have helped the dog myself!

  5. carol parker says:

    Thank God for these matter what anyone says about police officers they are damn great.they are definitely human to.. this officer is a hero..hang the fucking owners..

  6. Wendy says:

    I really hate people!!! I hope they charge this person but it won’t happen. At least take the dog away from them!


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