Dog freed from ‘hell on Earth’ when cable removed from flesh

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A rescue agency in New York is shocked and outraged by the dismal condition of a dog who was recently brought to them for care. On Tuesday, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs introduced Facebook followers to Jasmine.

The rescue group wrote, “We are just shocked and completely outraged at the sheer abuse that this poor dog has suffered at the hands of humans. We can not imagine the pain that this sweet girl has gone through, day after day, her wire collar and attached wire cable that was used to tie her outside 24-7, grew deeper and deeper into her neck, eating at her flesh and causing a festering infection that collected green pus to bubble her skin around her neck.”

Authorities were alerted to Jasmine’s suffering by concerned neighbors who reached out for help. The rescue group stated, “We have taken on many embedded collar cases, but Jasmines is definitely one of the worst we have encountered. When the animal control officer cut the cable that bound Jasmine to her hell on earth, Jasmine actually wagged her tail, and was very cooperative to be carried out of that house of horrors.”13769533_967927489982973_969520705418405073_n

In order to free Jasmine from the painful cable, she had to be sedated at an emergency veterinarian – today, her neck is free of the cutting cable and she can begin her long road to recovery.

The rescue agency is collecting donations to help provide Jasmine with continued veterinary care – click here to read more.

(Photos via Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs)

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  1. Janice Guy says:

    i hope they will be charged and banned from ever having another pet. All they did was thow
    food at the poor dog ,it must have been sometime since they last showed her any love and or stroked her if they had the wire round her neck would never had a chance to enbed it’s self. How did she manage to eat ,to swallow the suffering she had to endure.thank you to the person who reported this abuses and thank you to the rescuers. please make sure her new home is a loveing warm one ,not a back yard .


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