Dog finds abandoned newborn puppy

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A clever dog saved an abandoned newborn puppy in Dublin, Ireland. News of the miraculous find was shared with followers of the Dublin SPCA Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to the shelter, the newborn pup, dubbed “Autumn,” is only seven to 10 days old – someone had thrown her away into a rubbish pile and left her for dead. Thanks to a clever terrier named “Poppy,” little Autumn was discovered and saved.

The Dublin SPCA stated, “Poppy who when out for a walk with her owner ran over to the rubbish pile and refused to return when called. Poppy’s owner had to walk over to see what poppy was sniffing when she discovered little Autumn just lying there in the rubbish.”

Nobody knows who tossed Autumn aside, or why, but today she is safe and being cared for. The shelter commended Poppy and her owner, “Autumn will now go to an experienced foster home and hopefully will grow up to be a happy healthy dog all thanks to Poppy and her vigilant owner.”

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    I am a firm BELIVER that everything happens for a reason!! Poppy was meant to go on that walk at that time and to that place…. I hope the owner of Poppy … may come back and take little Autumn!!


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