Dog escapes life of torture – tongue cut out, teeth filed

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A dog in Ohio managed to not only escape from a horrific situation, but also, survive what can only be described as heinous torture. According to the non-profit organization, Animal Charity of Ohio, a pit bull whose face is marred by wounds and scars was discovered on a porch in Youngstown and the local police department reached out for help.

On Sunday, the rescue agency wrote the following post about the dog, dubbed “Bubbles,” who is currently in their care, “A miracle took place today….this angel escaped monsters!” The group added, “At first glance at the scars on his face you would assume he is a fighter, but with us –all he wants is attention. He keeps going to each of us to be petted and loved. That is when we noticed something wasn’t right. He isn’t giving us kisses. His face touches ours, but that’s it.”

Curiosity over the lack of kisses prompted a peek inside of the dog’s mouth – the finding was shocking. The pit bull’s tongue had been cut out and his teeth filed down; it is believed that he had been used as a bait dog.

The rescue group commented on Bubbles’ demeanor, despite his painful past, “This precious boy holds no grudges and seems to know that he is safe. We are hand feeding him and are amazed at how he has learned to drink with no tongue.”

It is hoped that information about the dog’s owner can be found – anyone who has information is asked to email: [email protected]

The group is also asking for donations of canned food – the group indicated that the “chunky kind in gravy” is the easiest for Bubbles to eat. Eventually, Bubbles will also need a home without other dogs. Interested parties should reach out to the group at [email protected]

(Photo via Animal Charity of Ohio)



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  1. Yes, find the owner and do unto him. Dog fighting filth should be hanged whenever and wherever they’re found, and that includes the scum that watch and don’t participate.

  2. Hopely the scum is located. Seize all assets, jail then and turn over all funds to rescue so the boy can be cared for life.

  3. I would literally kill the idiot who did such…we have enough illnesses to overcome that I feel that this sort of sickness can be cured..

  4. find the fucken owner and do the same to him. These people that abuse animals need to be treated the same way they treat the animal. do what they did to them

  5. Omg, poor baby. Please fine who has done this and give them the same. So sad. Fine the ring and shut it down!!!!!

  6. Find who did this and GUT HIM!
    What can be done to the fullest extent of the law? Who do we need to write/contact to speak on behalf of the Bubbles and hold someone accountable?

  7. So happy he was found and hopefully have a happy ever after. As for the monster(s) who are responsible for this, they should have the same done to them – and then be thrown in prison for the rest of their miserable lives. I pray Bubbles recovers (as well as he can, with what he’s been through) and that the f****** dog fighters who did this to him are caught and truly punished. Dog fighters are the most cowardly of the cowards. If they weren’t, they would do their own fighting and leave the dogs out of it.

  8. There is a mastiff here in Bakersfield, CA at a rescue called marley’s mutts in the same condition.. Hooch is absolutely awesome and has over come the worst. He is now a therapy dog working with people and kids as well as other animals.. This baby can be rehabilitated if someone is willing to spend some time with him.. For answers or help ask for zack skow at Marley Mutts.

  9. OMG. Agree with Agrippamom and Bob although the suggested actions are far too soft for the devil monster who perpetrated this abuse.

    Hope this lovable baby finds the PERFECT home really quickly.

  10. They need to look into Hooch with Marley’s Mutts. He’s a French Mastiff that had his tongue cut out and is thriving. Maybe Zach can give them some pointers.

  11. Lead between the /eyes of the EVIL POS that did this is EVEN TOO GOOD!!! They should Remove the “so called manhood and sew it in their mouth ” let them ponder on that until they choke to death!!!!!

  12. evil people,hope you get caught and rot in hell,glad to see the dog is in good hands and hope for complete recovery

  13. Contact Zachary at Marleys Mutts in California
    His dog Hooch had the same his tongue cut out etc. Zachary nursed him back to life. He has a quality life now.

  14. You need to contact Marleys Mutts, Tehachapi, Ca they have a dog Hooch that has no tongue and can give you additional info on how to care for this poor sweet animal.

  15. I have 6 cans of dog food that I had for my rescue to get her to eat near the end. I will gladly send it to you for that sweet looking Pit Bull. I need an address.

  16. These scum bag POS SOBs make me sick!!!!! I hope someone found them and arrested them ALL. They deserve l;ife in prison with NO parole!!!!

  17. I so hope the detritus that did this to poor, sweet Bubbles are found and face the harshest of penalties…before Karma catches up with them and deals something severely nasty!!! Thanks to all concerned for saving this beauty – so hope a Forever Home is sought soon.

  18. I pray that the person who adopts Bubbles, will give him nothing but love and a good life. And to the devil who try to break the spirit of Bubbles but you lost cause that boy has something humans don’t have the will to forgive.

  19. I share everyone’s outrage. I wanted to note how despite the despicable torture this poor creature has endured he has not lashed out at the people who are caring for him. Pit bulls are supposedly so dangerous and yet he is filled with love. I wish people would stop vilifying this breed of dog.

  20. Please if you know anything let the appropriate people know. This is being done to other innocent gentle dogs right now. BE THEIR VOICE & SAVIOUR. As for the men & women involved, I want them found & the first thing I want done to them is for their tongues to be cut off without anaesthesia. And that’s just the warm up. Hope this little guy has a long happy life from now on.

  21. EVIL monsters beasts from hell die before you get home people who torture bubbles and how many more fur babys are being abused torture.

  22. People in China could of eaten that dog’s tongue,what a waste.I don’t know why they send these dogs to fights for?People in China could have eaten that dog.I don’t know why y’all are helping that dog for?It was already tender for the Chinese Festival.


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