Dog discovered with nose and toes cut off being nursed back to health

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In a case of shocking animal cruelty in Kansas City, Missouri, a young Boxer, with his nose and toes cut off, is being nursed back to health by local animal rescue group, Midwest Animal ResQ.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the dog dubbed Yeti was picked up by Animal Control on Friday in a rural suburb of Kansas City as a stray. The dog suffered catastrophic injuries, and initially shelter personnel thought Yeti was suffering from advanced cancer. Midwest Animal  ResQ was called to help, and Yeti was immediately transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian where it was determined the dog’s injuries were intentionally caused by a bladed instrument. Two of Yeti’s toes are missing as well as most of his nose; severely affecting his sense of smell.

“We will get more results back on Monday, and we will then come up with a game plan of reconstructive surgeries to make this sweet Boxer whole again. Animal abuse is real. There is also a real link between animal abuse and other sociopathic behavior,” stated Erin Morse with the rescue.

And as to Yeti’s forgiving nature and the loyal bonds that so often unites canines with humans, his rescuers say there is no sweeter dog.

“This is Yeti, initially he’s difficult to look at, (with his nose and toes cut off) but spend a few minutes with him, and his injuries fade away. He is a sweet, kind, and loving soul.”

Midwest Animal ResQ receives no funding and relies on the kind generosity of donors to continue to fight for dogs like Yeti. Every dollar counts! Stand up for Yeti, and against animal cruelty. To donate to Yeti’s care which is anticipated to be very expensive, please click here. Checks can be sent directly to Midwest Animal ResQ, 10312 E. 63rd Street, Raytown, MO 64133.
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(Photo of Yeti with his nose and toes cut off via Facebook of Midwest Animal ResQ)




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  1. Edward: And I would be right there to assist – after cutting the bastard’s hands and dick, please let me be the one to shove it down their throat, then I want to dig their eyes out with a spoon.

    • There needs to be an animal vigilante fund and all these sick bastards just be taken….it’s unreal-a person that can inflict this kind of pain and cruelty should not spawn or live.


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