Dog dies after being forgotten under tarp in truck bed

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A dog, apparently forgotten in the bed of a truck which was parked outside of a store in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, perished from heat exhaustion on Saturday afternoon. According to Fox 43 News, 20-year-old  Justin Martin was shopping while the dog suffered in the heat beneath a tarp which was over the bed of his truck.

A witness reached out to the authorities for help after noticing that the dog was in distress in the truck’s bed, in the midst of a hot, 90-degree day. Though the police tried to cool the dog down, and transported him to a veterinary clinic, the devastating effects from the extended period of time in the extreme heat had taken its toll.

The dog did not belong to Martin – he has stated that he was transporting the dog for a relative, and claims that he simply forgot that the dog was in the bed of the truck. Martin’s fatal “oversight” has resulted in a charge of animal cruelty.

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  1. FINALLY! The authorities are recognizing that these are LIVES and humans, supposedly the beings with brains, MUST be held accountable for their care- or lack of it!
    Now HOPEFULLY, the judicial system will do its job properly and administer the justice that the poor, neglected innocent one DESERVES!

  2. Every single SOS who does this needs to suffer the exact same fate. I’m sick to death of the “I forgot the dog was in the car”, “I didn’t know it was that hot in the car”, “It was only for a few minutes” (when it’s over an hour usually), and “It wasn’t that hot- so what!”. If it is too hot for YOU, it is too damned hot for THEM, and dogs cannot sweat the way we do, plus they are wearing fur!

  3. How stupid can you be leaving a poor helpless dog in the hot sun under a tarp… What’s wrong with you.. really sicking. Hope you get everything you deserve even more. I’m starting to hate people more and more. I hope the dog owner gets sweet revenge with you Martin.. KARMA Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. If you are “transporting” a dog for a relative, then do it, don’t stop to shop! I can’t imagine the suffering this dog went through at the hands of this irresponsible SOB! Justin Martin, you deserve all that the law can punish you with and then some!

  5. The suffering the dog went through must of been terrible poor baby. You hear all these stories of people leaving their dogs in hot cars they will not learn. I wonder how the owner would like it if they get locked in a hot car with no windows cracked!!

  6. put the guy under the tarp and let him see how the dog felt.charge him with mistreatment of a 4 legged kid wearing fur.what ever he would have gotten if the dog was a human kid instead of the dog?charge him for it.

  7. Justin Martin at age 20 hasn’t ONE Brain Cell that is functioning!!! He needs to be neutered as he would undoubtedly treat any off spring in the same manner !!!! I hope his relative (if this is even true) kicks the VILE POS to HELL AND BACK!!!


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