Dog continues to wait for home after being thrown away

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Imagine if your life meant so little to someone that they decided you were not worth feeding. Imagine if someone cared so little for your well-being that you were thrown away inside of an alley trash container.

Meet Charlotte – a three-year-old deaf dog who meant so little to someone that she was literally thrown away. Years ago, Charlotte was found in the garbage and taken in by Chicago animal control. Today, though Charlotte is no longer skeletal, she remains unwanted.

For two years, Charlotte has been held in a boarding facility – she receives fresh water and regular meals, but she is not part of anyone’s family and she is not someone’s beloved companion.


The following description is provided on the Facebook page which was created on Charlotte’s behalf:

Charlotte is a high energy dog that loves to chase toys, play tug, chew on treats, lay on humans, take car rides, and eat ice cream. She is deaf and is learning to communicate using hand commands and a vibrating e-collar. She is great on leash, loves to do agility, and enjoys training. She would do best in an experienced home with a family really to put in the time and effort teaching and leading her in a consistent and loving world that she has yet to experience.

Find (and share) Charlotte’s Facebook page here.

Click here to learn more about how to adopt this deserving dog.

Click here to watch a video of Charlotte.


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  1. Dawn Stuart says:

    No animal deserve this, to be thrown away. If you can’t give a life time of love ,friendship. To an animal ,who would be loyal and compassion to you for as long as they live. Than you are not a good person. I am sorry to say the some people don’t deserve to be pet owners to take care of God’s creatures.


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