Dog breaks out window to help save unconscious owner

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A clever dog is being hailed a hero for managing to break out a window to help save his (or her?) owner, who was unconscious inside of a residence in Northvale, New Jersey. According to Monday’s, the dog apparently heard two women walking outside of the residence on Friday evening and decided to do something to get help.

The women heard glass breaking, and then barking. Police officers with the Northvale Police Department responded to the home and found the dog sitting by the broken pane of glass. Officers Robert Devore and Reginald Parsells were able to enter the home and they discovered a woman who was unconscious after suffering some type of medical event. According to a press release from the Northvale Police Department, the woman may have been there for an “extended” period of time. The woman was transported to a hospital for treatment

According to the police, the dog suffered a minor injury to a paw from breaking out the window – the police department stated, “The Northvale Police Department would like to thank our Hero Resident K9 for saving their owner’s life and the two women who “Saw Something and Said Something.”

(Note – the dog’s gender and breed have not been released – photo is NOT the dog who saved the woman)

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  1. I’m glad the dog was able to get help for his/her human but what has happened to the dog? Prayers the woman recovers soon.

    • Your picture is probably correct, Penny does state in her article that the dog pictured is not the dog that saved the woman. “(Note – the dog’s gender and breed have not been released – photo is NOT the dog who saved the woman) If indeed it was a Pitty that saved the woman let’s chalk up another one for the much maligned breed!

  2. True Love and Devotion Goes both ways between Human & Canine ALSO between Canine & HUMAN… one man lost his life attempting to save his canines and one canine risked it’s life to get help for it’s owner and companion… Thankfully the two women assisted in getting medical assistance for the unconscious woman!!!!

  3. I hope there is someone trustworthy taking care of the lil hero. It makes me crazy when anyone makes the stupid comment “it is just a dog”. There is a community learning that just is not true. This is a very special dog! Loyalty and devotion sent this pooch for help.


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