Dog adopted from animal control, returned injured

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Update 7/7/16: Less than 24 hours after Geralt’s photos were taken, and before his “review date,” the animal control agency killed him.

Meet Geralt, a four-year-old neutered male pit bull who could use a helping hand. In June 2015, Geralt was adopted from the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services facility in Texas and one year later, he was picked up as a stray, with numerous, painful injuries.

It is clear that something terrible happened to Geralt in his time away from the facility…when he was recently picked up, a portion of his nose was missing, his eye was swollen and his legs are covered in wounds.

13592798_1840797869482428_8488782348136742693_nGeralt is described as an affectionate dog who prefers the company of people to other dogs. On Wednesday, the Facebook page, Focus on Furever, wrote, “While I may not be great with other dogs, I do love my people. I love treats and I always give paw. I like to carry my leash in my mouth and play with toys. I’m a sweet soul in desperate need of a good home.”

Geralt needs to be adopted, or rescued, as soon as possible. Focus on Furever wrote, “Many of these animals are due to be euthanized. There is a “Review Date” on the Kennel Card. It is not a euthanasia date. However, if there no room at the kennels all dogs with present review dates will be considered for euthanasia.”13600186_1840797789482436_6398336573706582468_n

The adoption fee for this homeless dog is $25.

Adoption information:

NAME: Geralt (Injured)
CCACS#: A259643
Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS), 2626 Holly Road, Corpus Christi, Texas, (361) 826-4606, 4601 or 4630, [email protected]

(Photos courtesy of Focus on Furever)

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  1. So this soul has been used either as a bait dog or for fighting – probably bait because he is so gentle. Is there no way to track down his past owners/abusers from shelter records?


  2. This is pathetic!!! Finding a home adopted and this horrific treatment is what he received…. Please find him a good and caring home so he will not now have to be euthanized!!! Bless his broken heart and soul!!

  3. Aren t they ashamed to kill this dog!Its a really disgrace!Why they had to kill him or rather get rid
    of him as soon as possible.Isn t there any one in high authories to be reasonable andd dedicated enough to stop so many dogs getting killed

  4. HE WAS PUT DOWN!!!!! How heartless is that? He had a chance – I’m sure someone with a kind and compassionate heart would have been happy to rescue him. Maybe the previous owner was not screened properly to have been able to adopt this beautiful boy. In any case, he was tortured and than murdered by the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services. Nothing short of murder!!!! Shame on you CCACS. Whoever made that decision has no business being involved in animal care.

    • So Very SAD to Read!! And, DISGUSTING!! WHY Couldn’t He be held
      Until a New Home was Found for Him??
      YOU MURDERED HIM!!!!!!!!

  5. Unbelievable! How can such a sweet soul be obviously treated with such malice? And then the shelter puts him to death! Things have got to change! Animals cannot speak for themselves and this is how humans can get away with MURDER!

  6. This is horrific! There was no reason he should have been PTS (put to sleep). He may have had some injuries but he was fully adoptable and a rescue should have been given a chance! He deserved a chance! It wasn’t his fault he was hurt or betrayed by the very ones that originally adopted him… he shouldn’t have had to pay for it! Again humans failed but another animal has to pay for it with their life! There is absolutely no excuse for Humanity sometimes and this is one of those times. I hope they find the Animal control officer responsible for this and take action because this kind of thing needs to be stopped. Please don’t let his death be in vain.

    • I agree!! I am sure he could have been saved. N adopted out to caring people. The scumback humans (BASTARDS) who adopted him, failed him. The stupid shelter murdered him. This sweet dog deserved better. Where is the justice? Why are there no charges being filed?? There are people who need to be charged with a crime. And there are people who need to be fired. And this shelter is pathetic. It should be reviewe,, if not shut down for having heartless people working there. God bless your soul sweet boy! Rip . I am sure it’s better on the other side?❤ I wish I had the chance to meet you❤❤

  7. He may have gotten away from the adoptive person, we don’t know. But, this is what sometimes happens when shelters give away dogs. I cringe when they say FREE, even at $25 a dog fighter will pick them up. Poor guy, he’s out of his misery now. RIP beautiful boy.

  8. Why did the animal shelter to which he was returned kill him so quickly? I have read other stories before about Corpus Christi Animal Shelter being quick to kill animals in their care and that is absolutely unacceptable. They did not even give Geralt another chance for a better life after they adopted him out to people who horribly abused him. Shame on them. RIP Geralt. You really deserved much better than you got from humans who were to have helped you, including the brutal adopters!

  9. The full story….the POS returned the dog in this condition and Corpus Christi AC (TX) killed the dog!!! THIS AREA IS DISGUSTING…build the wall, and throw all the animal abusers back on the other side.

  10. Why aren’t people being vetted and regular checks carried out? Do these charities really care for these lives? They are all as bad as each other. Poor boy, sorry you fell into the wrong hands. RIP

  11. DISGUSTED TOTALLY with ADOPTER and SHELTER NO NEED at all for this treatment of a poor dog i have two rescues staffy x and would happily disembowel anyone who did this to them. As for the shelter id like to have you closed down

  12. I’m sure the kill pound has records on the adopter. Someone said above that it was he who returned this poor angel.
    Why did the kill agency not wait for a review? Why did they not give him a chance? Both the abuser and the pound should be brought up on charges of abuse and neglect. Forever loved sweet, good boy Geralt.

  13. Corpus christi shelter doesn’t give a damn. The area is poor and the residents mostly ignorant. I don’t believe he was a bait dog. I believe he was dog aggressive and got it fights. They just used bait dog as a plea for rescue. If you read the bios of the dogs on the Nueces County shelter page you will see how horrible they are. The entire situation is disgraceful and heart wrenching


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