Discovered dumped in a culvert 3 frightened puppies slated to die

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In Nueces County, Texas, three puppies who had been literally dumped in a culvert were found by Animal Control on July 19. Had it not been for the compassionate officer taking his time to rescue the frightened little ones, they most likely would have succumbed to coyote attacks or starvation. Authorities continue to search for the mother dog and any other tiny survivors. Nueces 3 puppies 3Nueces 3 puppies

Follow their Facebook page as volunteers share their photos and their sad beginnings with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. When brought into the shelter, the puppies were so scared, they buried themselves in a heap in their kennel.

“Their fear of humans is so great right now it’ll bring tears to your eyes,” wrote one shelter worker. “Volunteers snapped a few photos without trying to handle them or traumatize them further. Two ‘lil’ blacks and one tan; appear to be some sort terrier mix. Have never seen pups so afraid. They deserve the chance to be bouncing around, happy, healthy, playful, and be, well…just be puppies. DUE TO AGE: need immediate rescue NOW! They must leave building immediately.” Nueces 3 puppies 2

For more information, contact the Nueces County Animal Control in Robstown, Texas. The puppies are located in kennel 4. Phone: (410)608.2195.

(Photos by Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue)


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  1. Come on Robertson Texas Give these helpless little dogs a CHANCE to find a RESCUE to help them DON”T get in such an all fired hurry to INJECT them and KILL THEM at this young age… YOUR STATE has ABSOLUTELY NO COMPASSION !!! Things need to Change down there … OF course I wouldn’t expect much from a State that has Ted Cruze in their corner!!!

    • Before slandering the entire state, please note that many parts of Texas do a lot in the effort of NO KILL shelters. (i.e. Operation Kindness in Dallas Regretfully, there is still much room for improvement. Be encouraging. It’s only through positive effort that we can make a difference.

      I hope and pray a generous loving individual rescues these babies.

  2. If I lived in Texas I would take all 3 of them. Seeing stories like this evetyday makes me despise humans more and more.


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