Disabled dog’s wheelchair stolen from Washington porch: Community rallies to help Charley

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Why someone would stoop so low as to steal a dog’s wheelchair from a porch in Long Beach, Washington is not known; poor Charley the dog cannot walk without his “wheels,” reports AbcNews.

On Monday night,Disabled dog's wheelchair stolen Charley lost his mobility according to owners, Rod Beauregard and Leona Wolf. Rod has no idea why anyone would do that, except for one thought.

“It has BMX wheels on it. Someone could put it on a bike. They’re going to throw the other piece away probably,” Ron stated.Disabled dog's wheelchair stolen 2

Last year, their Labrador retriever ruptured a disc in his back leaving him unable to move his hind legs. The wheelchair was a life saver for the sweet dog.

“He’ll try to sit up and he doesn’t understand why he can’t get in his chair,” Rod said about Charley. “He can’t walk now, he can’t run for his ball, he can’t get up, he can’t stand up, and he’s sad about it,” Disabled dog's wheelchair stolen 3

By Tuesday, a friend of the family established a GoFundMe account to raise money to buy Charley a new wheelchair.

“I would love to be able to help him replace the custom made wheelchair for his best friend,” had been posted on the fundraiser.

A goal of $585 was set, and within hours, the collected funds had already doubled. On Thursday morning, Charley’s new wheels were on the way.

And to the heartless person who stole Charley’s chair and its ramp – may fate pay you back one day for this despicable deed with everything you deserve.

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6 replies
  1. virginia green says:

    glad to see he gets new wheels.i hope who ever did it wil have to pay the owners the money to have gotten the dog his wheels to live with.

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    What KIND of an EVIL, SCUM BAG would STEAL a CUSTOM made wheel chair !!!! for a dog no Less…. Someone who needs to be Tarred and Feathered the fed to bottom feeders OFF SHORE with a couple cement blocks died to the feet and legs they will no longer have to USE!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why would someone steal a dog’s wheels? Because they are just plain mean! I hope they find out who did this, these doggie wheel chairs aren’t cheap! and someone needs to pay for this!

  4. bonniewelch says:

    How ignorant can people be? I have a dissabled dog who cant walk anymore. Over the winter his arthritis ate his front leg muscles and he had problems moving them last time he was in his chair. I am going to keep his 4 wheeled one, but I have an extra 2 wheeled one Charley can HAVE for free…..I hope whoever did this gets caught and Karma hits you like no other!!!! How can you do that to poor dog????

  5. Darla says:

    POS people – I hope Karma pays you a visit really soon. Poor Charley. I’m glad there are still GOOD people who donated to get Charley his new wheels. I hope the wheelchair gets to his house fast so he can go back to being a dog.


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