Devastating news: Caleb the 3-month-old tortured puppy has passed away

Caleb Friday coverIt is with a heavy heart to have to post the heartbreaking news that Caleb, the three-month-old puppy Rescue Dogs Rock NYC tried so hard to save, passed away on Saturday.

“We knew when we rescued Caleb the odds were stacked against him as he only had a 30% chance of survival, but we were going to try everything medically possible to give him every chance, stated Jackie O’Sullivan on the organization’s Facebook page  early Saturday afternoon. “Due to the abuse he suffered, the damage was already so severe. So we knew, it would be an uphill battle.”

Caleb had the best veterinary care any pup could have received. Although his prognosis did appear slightly more positive on Friday, his body was so weak, the helpless little puppy could no longer fight.

“We are angry. We are disturbed. We are distraught. We are sad and defeated. We are mourning,” are the passionate words felt by everyone whose life had been touched so briefly by Caleb, yet so deeply at the same time.

For anyone not familiar with Caleb’s tragic story, previous to his rescue, the trauma the defenseless puppy suffered was almost indescribable. A neighbor had witnessed the puppy being thrown over a high fence and helped with his rescue. Caleb’s initial evaluation at the veterinary hospital included the following disturbing diagnosis:

“Upon being examined by the medical team they discovered this puppy was in far worse shape than originally known,” stated Jackie.  “Poor Caleb suffered not only head trauma, but he’s clearly emaciated, covered in what looks to be old cigarette burns, and they found an “abnormal” anus! The medical team was so upset by his condition that a cruelty investigation is being started. There is no question that Caleb suffered cruel and sadistic torture over time. They also discovered he has a broken jaw.” 

A $5,000 reward has been offered by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Caleb’s abuse. A cruelty investigation is currently underway, however no details have been released.

“Rest in peace Caleb. You are pain free now. No one will ever abuse you again.”

Read more about Caleb’s struggle here.

(Photo courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC as is the video)

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  1. says:

    I am sobbing as I write this as I know many are. Hopefully Caleb did feel the love from the staff caring for him and was relieved of much of his pain. I truly hope they find the sicko that did this – I am very afraid he/she may have others. Please keep us updated.

    • camoynn
      camoynn says:

      JUSTICE FOR CALEB…We can NOT AND MUST NOT rest until these perps are found and PUT IN JAIL. Now is not the time to be passive. We need to GET MAD and GET SOMETHING DONE for this poor defenseless soul. He needs JUSTICE for his senseless torture and death

      • Idana J. Riche
        Idana J. Riche says:

        I hold Satan and his demons responsible for this horrific act of cruelty towards God’s creation. They must be destroyed with their human followers. In Jesus name, Amen.

      • Julie Jones animal lover
        Julie Jones animal lover says:

        My heart is broken, my eyes swell with tears…with all my heart, the bastards that did this to Caleb must die a horrible death, nothing else willvsuffice

      • ELEANOR
        ELEANOR says:


      • Trinity
        Trinity says:

        I am sick with the disgusting thought that any human can be this twisted! What has the “human”race become? I will pray the person (s) are caught and when they are, please let the other prisoners know what they are in for!!!!! I am beyound words. I pray that puppy is sitting in Gods lap enjoying the best love possible! As for the ones responsible, your time is comming……soon.

    • Barbara Wade
      Barbara Wade says:

      My heart, too, is broken. I cannot fathom the evil and hatred of life one could thrust upon poor Innocent Caleb. I pray that soulless bastard is caught soon and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, or better yet, suffer the SAME atrocities that he made Caleb endure. Rest in peace, beautiful soul, Caleb.

    • seymourblogger
      seymourblogger says:

      Caleb is not the last live species these people will wreak their horror on. Sharia Law is the answer I deplore. They need to be ruined for life if caught. And I do know they did to the puppy what was done to them either actually or symbolically. They are barbarians who will never be anything more. Useless, lumpen people. They need to go.

  2. maxiemom
    maxiemom says:

    Whoever did this needs to be found and dealt with APPROPRIATELY, and that does not mean being given a short prison sentence. It does mean being kept someplace where the monster can never, ever harm another living soul, whether it’s above or below ground.

    • camoynn
      camoynn says:

      But we ALL have to MAKE SURE THAT THESE COWARDS ARE FOUND. We can NO LONGER TOLERATE this cruelty and animal ABUSE. We all need to stand together and fight to find these cowards and BRING THEM TO JUSTICE. Also to MAKE SURE that ANYONE who abuses a defenseless animal will be tracked down and BROUGHT to JUSTICE.

      • seymourblogger
        seymourblogger says:

        We need to learn to spot these people and keep them under surveillance. They are doing this to children, women and others also. If they are followed by just everyday people who learn to see the signs, then they will get paranoid and make mistakes, so we can apprehend them in time. This poor dog. But Caleb is not suffering anymore than children in the middle east from US conducted and sponsored wars. It is all one big horror show. Caleb is an acting out of what these torturers know from the news, on a dog since they cannot do it to a human. But they will given any opportunity. Where did they keep him? Has his DNA been preserved? Please see that it is. That den of torture will be found at some point.Then we get him. The next thing he will do is imprison a human to do it too. Why they must be found.

  3. Kathy Morris
    Kathy Morris says:

    So sad to hear of his passing God bless his little soul now run free and play hard at the rainbow bridge where he will never suffer again at the hands of some poor excuse of a.human hope they are found and punished the full extend of the law.

  4. Lisa Burger Clesi
    Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    Heartbreaking! I so hoped this little pup would survive and find his fur-ever home and be loved like he should have been from the beginning. Rip little Caleb, i am so sorry you fell into the hands of a psychopath. I hope to hell they find this pos and lock them up for life. My deepest wish is a group of animal lovers finds this scum bag and takes care of the problem for good. I do hope that they never stop looking for the person or persons who did this.

  5. Kim davis
    Kim davis says:

    So who ever the asshole was that did that to that poor puppy needs to be shot or have the same thing done to him and then shot.

      • Anna
        Anna says:

        I so agree with you. Something is not adding up the neighbor should know who he is. Poor baby my heart is breaking for what you went through. I hope him or they get done to the perp what the puppy went through. I hate people that abuse animals….

  6. SunWolf(Beth) C
    SunWolf(Beth) C says:

    Shattered my heart this morning when they posted Caleb’s passing.
    Had a feeling keept check checking in for post throughout the night and early morning . they did all they could for little Caleb. He passed in loving caring arms, run free little one.

  7. Jennifer Trowbridge
    Jennifer Trowbridge says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Caleb’s passing. No puppy, kitten, dog, cat should have suffered the horrible torture and sexual abuse he did. I hope they catch the freak responsible for this and teach them a lesson by allowing them in general population in jail/ prison. RIP Caleb, you are with God now.

  8. Mave Manchee
    Mave Manchee says:

    Tragic that a defenceless animal was tortured this way and thrown out like garbage. Unfortunately, even if they find the slime that did this, the punishment will not match the crime. RIP Caleb xxx

  9. Chris Haywood
    Chris Haywood says:

    As the tears fall from my eyes I just wanted to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Rescue Dogs Rock and all who helped little Caleb. Thank you that this precious puppy experienced love and compassion in his last few days where he had not. I pray the funding you need to continue such heroic efforts when no one else would’ve pour in. If not for those who did all that was humanly possible this poor vulnerable puppy would’ve died never knowing kindness. It is in that where I find my peace. Thank you !

    • sharon
      sharon says:

      I agree. Caleb did find compassion with the rescue group at the end but too late. I want to know that person who saw Caleb get thrown over fence, who did they see

  10. virginia green
    virginia green says:

    find the owner and do it all to the jail the person with people in jail that hates people who hurts or killes animals. pib sorry for the lost.

  11. Angie
    Angie says:

    I am very saddened by the passing of Caleb. May he rest in peace. I do hope they continue the investigation to find who abuse this puppy so badly, and I hope justice will be severed. God bless you Caleb. Even though I knew of you for such a short time I will miss you.

  12. Silvia Galan
    Silvia Galan says:

    I pray that God gives the monster or monsters who did this, all they deserve. Bless this little guy, R.I.P. For those jerks, may you rot in hell! Forever and ever until the end of eternity!

    • Lana Sing
      Lana Sing says:

      I agree, and saying RIP is fine but it’s getting to the point where that’s not enough. I also agree with the other people here who say something does not sound right. If a neighbor saw Caleb being thrown over a fence, then they must know who did it. It makes me cringe to think how much of this is going on in this world right now that nobody knows about. Sickening. I’m ashamed sometimes to be human.

  13. Nancy Belycia
    Nancy Belycia says:

    Caleb I am so sorry that you were treated so badly. I know now you are pain free and I weep sorrowful tears for you because you were so young. I hope you felt the love from those that tried to heal you. God BLess them. I guess God needed you more. Rest in Peace dear Caleb. ????????????

  14. Barkley's Mom
    Barkley's Mom says:

    This is so heartbreaking, that Caleb was treated so horribly and his little life is now gone. So sorry for all that tried to help, Bless them all. I hope and pray they find who did this to this sweet pup and they are made to pay dearly!

  15. Patricia Chant
    Patricia Chant says:

    Everyone who read Caleb’s story is in mourning. No living being should be subjected to such torture. The Sadistic beast who did this should be shown no mercy. thank you to the rescue team and the caregivers who gave caleb a fighting chance.

  16. mhyson2014
    mhyson2014 says:

    Oh Caleb I am so sorry this cruel world did these horrific things to you in your short sweet life. I can’t stop crying at what you had to endure while people did nothing to stop it. Your little sweet face will haunt me forever. I pray they get the monster who did this to you and stop him from doing horrific things to others. I hope they let us know who he is….

  17. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    So sorry to hear of Caleb’s passing. He was a sweet baby that did not deserve this. I hope they find and do the same to the piece of garbage that did this.

  18. Pamela Sorokey
    Pamela Sorokey says:

    Oh poor sweet adorable innocent precious angel Caleb, you have touched so many hearts, and so many people love you…it is devastating that you have left us too soon, but at least you are now no longer in pain…and you are in God’s loving arms…??? may God bless you furrever sweetheart. You are so loved and will furrever be in our hearts never to be forgotten. I love you baby boy..?❤?? May they find the Bastards who did this horrendous torturous abuse on this little angel Caleb, and may they feel the most horrific torturous pain ever for all their lives, if they live!

  19. Pamela Sorokey
    Pamela Sorokey says:

    Thank you so much to all who took care of and tried to save precious Caleb, you are angels! My heart is broken for this little angel, but I feel comfort knowing he knew love and compassion before he left……

  20. sue schoettley
    sue schoettley says:

    I am crying my eyes out thinking of Caleb & the many other innocent, precious, creatures of God who suffer horrific torture at the hands of demonic individuals!! They are not deservant of taking up air space! How can ANYONE inflict such excruciating pain on a totally harmless & defenseless animal who did NOTHING but simply exist in the world? The time has definitely come to say NO MORE!!! NO MORE warnings, NO MORE slaps on the wrist, NO MORE paltry fines, NO MORE minimal jail time! These acts need ALL be regarded as felonies [actually they need to be classified as murders ] & the monsters given the harshest of penalties!! We who truly love & respect our fellow creatures on this earth must continue to speak for the victims who cannot & suffer needlessly at the hands of evil barbarians!!…..As for you precious Caleb, & all the others who have shared the same pain, I am so sorry for what you went through, I love you sweet boy, may you rest always in the arms of Jesus…

  21. Eileen dreisbach
    Eileen dreisbach says:

    If this sick individual did this to an innocent little puppy, who knows what else they’re doing?
    They need to be stopped Now!

  22. Jan
    Jan says:

    RIP poor little Caleb. Sorry you suffered this torture in your short little life. Thanks to your savers who showed you love in your last few days. Why is there more animal abuse going on than ever before?
    Please find and punish the POS who did this. If the neighbor saw, she must know who..

  23. Pauline Mitchener-Koch
    Pauline Mitchener-Koch says:

    Thank You God for taking this innocent “baby” home with you and relieving him of all his agony.. and I pray that just because the poor puppy has passed away that there will still be a thorough investigation for animal cruelty and that this person can be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law… If he / she would do such harm to a puppy they will harm a young child or helpless person.

  24. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    RIP Caleb and may your memory be a blessing. No longer will you have to feel pain and I hope that for the short time your were being loved you know what it felt . I too hope this pos gets whats coming to him/her.

  25. Barb Dean
    Barb Dean says:

    Rip little Caleb, may God bless you, and bless all the people who worked so hard to help. Please find the SOB that did this abuse.

  26. SUSAN
    SUSAN says:

    There are LEGIONS of us who want justice for this sweet, innocent puppy, Caleb. We MUST find his abuser. Rest in peace sweet Caleb. We’ll fight for you.

  27. Karen McNeilly
    Karen McNeilly says:

    This little pup did not deserve to be treated so foully. I hope that the person (s) who abused him so badly that he died from it are found and tried, hopefully by a judge that has children and pets. Please (if) when you find said person(s), please make sure there are no other pups on the premises! Hope, sincerely, that there are not. But search every- where! If the responsible party reads this, all I can say I hope you feel real proud of yourself for being able to hurt and batter a defenseless and innocent puppy, who was only a fraction of your size. Does it make you feel real big? You’re not, you’re small, and cruel, despicably perverted excuse for a human being.

  28. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    I was heartbroken to hear that baby Caleb had passed away. My daughter and I followed his updates from the start, obsessively checking and praying he would be ok. I will forever be haunted by the video of him facing the wall crying. I hope he discovered at the end that not all humans are bad. I hope he felt the collective love, healing thoughts, and prayers that were sent his way. My final prayer is that Caleb receives justice for this heinous crime and that the person(s) responsible for his torture are found before another life is harmed.

  29. katy k
    katy k says:

    I am so sorry Caleb that a piece of shit human did this to you… You had such a short miserable life but you have touched sooo many hearts.. Not all humans are scum and i hope you felt the love from all the people who tried so hard to save you and all of us sending our love and prayers. Sleep tight wee one. I am sooo upset right now that if i could get my hands on the evil bastard that did this i would KILL them!!!! I hope someone somewhere gets the balls to give up the name of the idiot who did this. Burn in hell you bastard!

  30. Jackie Cunningham
    Jackie Cunningham says:

    My heart is broken. Thank you so much to all that showed that beautiful baby their love before he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. May the abuser get what he/she deserves. Rest in peace sweet angel.

  31. Christina
    Christina says:

    RIP Caleb! Am a nurse that works with people… So many people that I work with I will never understand their actions! They want kindness from us when they are sick .. But have past actions that are unbelievable to me! Plan to retire within the next 18 months… Will volunteer to work with animals! So sad .. Over 30 years of working with people & I would Never work with people again!!! What has our society come to?? RIP Precious Caleb!!

  32. lynn
    lynn says:

    I am so very upset about this. I don’t know how anyone could harm a precious fur baby. I hope the piece of trash who did this is found and put away.

  33. Shoba nair
    Shoba nair says:

    We eat consume meat and dairy on a daily basis and the pain and the suffering the animal suffered before it reached our plate becomes part of us. I think that accounts for why humans beings are pure evil. I hope this scum bag is found soon, tortured for two years and then slaughtered.

  34. Mildred
    Mildred says:

    I am in tears for caleb. Justice for caleb anyone that did this to caleb will do it again to some other innocent puppy unless caught.

  35. Angie Frank
    Angie Frank says:

    In the photos section on Google search there is a beautiful baby photo of Caleb from Adopt-a-Pet. Is there a way to track back to the sick, twisted f*&$ that adopted him? My heart swells with grief & love for this sweet baby. I hope he felt some love before he passed.

  36. James
    James says:

    The abuse will continue so long as there’s nothing done about animal cruelty laws in the country. People are walking off with slaps on the wrist for these kinds of things and it’s time for a serious overhaul. Sign and share this petition to change our laws and start putting the real animals behind bars and in bankruptcy like they deserve.

  37. Peggy lundgren
    Peggy lundgren says:

    I just hope and pray they fined the person who did that to the pore little pup .I hope when they do find them they get what was done to them that they did to the pup. I have two small dogs and my husband and I think of them as family they need us to make sure they get the care and love they need. To us they are like our little furry kids .So when I hear about some one doing bad things to kids or animals We do get up set .

  38. Daryl Brunscheen
    Daryl Brunscheen says:

    Teared up when I saw this little guy, and then read how he was treated by some monster. No human would treat one of God’s creatures like that. Find the monster before he/she/it can abuse again. RIP, little Caleb. You didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

  39. Lisa G. Wilkins
    Lisa G. Wilkins says:

    So many tears for this dear sweet angel. I wish I could have brought him home. He’s with our Lord now and he’s safe and loved. When he crossed the rainbow bridge, I’m sure my angel Lab, Sloopy, was there to greet him. I look forward to seeing him laying at the foot of our Lord Jesus’ throne when I get there. You’re loved precious boy. You will be avenged. The wastes of a human life that hurt you will be held accountable for what they’ve done. You just rest now, your fight is over and you have eternal love and safety now.

  40. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    What is so hard to figure out who did this to Caleb, if a neighbor saw someone throw Caleb over a dang fence! THAT A…..HOLE NEEDS TO BE HUNG Before he/they do it again!!

  41. Sallyann
    Sallyann says:

    ok i couldn’t continue reading….but if this country doesn’t recognize that Dogs and other animals for that matter that they are living breathing beings and the people who torture and abuse 1/2 of what they did to this poor dog should be punished according to law as if it was a rape!!!! Yes i said a rape, what is the difference?? Cruel intent!!!!!! I saw put that person in the general population of a prison and let all the inmates know what they did….and they too will feel what this poor breathing pup felt…I’m so beside myself!!!!!

  42. Helen Hunt
    Helen Hunt says:

    Ive never sobbed so hard in all my life. I cant believe that there is such evil creatures among us. No value for life only evil self satisfaction. I wouldnt think twice wrapping a bat around this vile bastards head.

  43. Lori Davis
    Lori Davis says:

    Caleb was just a puppy and endured such horrific terror that we don’t even know the half of. Such things like this shouldn’t keep happening. RIP Caleb and so sorry that this had to happen to you and you never got to know and enjoy what it was like to be a puppy. Go to Rainbow Bridge and run free and be happy sweet angel.

  44. Gill
    Gill says:

    Bastard! Karma is a wonderful thing and i hope and pray whoever did this gets more than their just deserts. You are one mother of a sick bastard to do this to a poor defenceless puppy. I would love 10 minutes in a room on my own with you!!! I hope your life is full of pain and suffering and that you rot in hell.
    The so called neighbour knows more than they are letting on, the police need to up their game. Someone needs to pay for this needless tradegy. In my eyes rape is rape, wether it be an adult, a child or an animal. Is this person going to do it to a child next?????? Stop them now.
    Caleb I’m so sorry you only knew pain, misery and suffering in your short life. Run free at rainbow bridge. We will fight until this scumbag is caught xxxx

  45. Jan holland
    Jan holland says:

    Even if they find this horrible excuse for a human being he will only be given a slap on the wrist. Our laws are not made for little Caleb. I believe that these sadistic creatures should be given the same punishment as someone who rapes a human being. Rest easy now sweet Caleb it’s over

  46. Jackie Bishop
    Jackie Bishop says:

    Tears from Australia for poor Caleb. Find the pieces of crap that think it’s ok to do this to a poor little puppy and make them pay

  47. Katrina Boltenhouse
    Katrina Boltenhouse says:

    Fly high and run free sweet Caleb, though the world is a little darker now that you have left you have surly earned your wings enjoy the Rainbow Bridge….And to the monster/s that hurt you may Karma get them very soon.

  48. joan robson
    joan robson says:

    Give me 5 minutes in a locked room with these bastards, i’d inflict the same injury that was apparently metered out to the son of king Edward Longshanks, with a few added extras, Goodnight sweet Caleb – I;m so sorry I was not there to rescue you from these monsters.

  49. Henry Geib
    Henry Geib says:

    I agree with Helen Hunt and Mike Mihalow. I have no sympathy for what happens to these evil people. My heart hurts for little Caleb, yet I know now he is running free with my 3 little boys at the Rainbow Bridge. God bless little Caleb.

  50. Cindy Allen
    Cindy Allen says:

    This story of Caleb has haunted and disturbed me since I learned of it. How someone could be so cruel is so far beyond my thinking that it makes me numb with anger. Rest In Peace, sweet Caleb. May the monster who hurt you get his just punishment.

  51. di3317
    di3317 says:

    Please don’t feel defeated. I know this is heartbreaking, but there are so many animals saved because of what your organization does. Thank you for having a heart and loving these animals. I pray the evil person who did this will be caught.

  52. Deb
    Deb says:

    There are no words fitting to describe my sorrow and heartbreak for this precious wee angel. I am sick to my core over this and will never forget his poor, sweet little face . If he had only been given a chance he would have been a beautiful companion to a loving person (or persons) blessed enough to have him.
    I feel such a deep rage for whoever did this to him
    Those of us who are compassionate “human beings” are feeling outraged that these deviant, sick f….g bastards continue to operate with impunity ….WHY??!!
    We want justice, and have good imaginations about what our brand of “justice” would look like, yet it seems like all we can do is sit back, and experience overwhelming rage, grief, disgust and hatred to name a few.
    The present laws and resources to combat animal abuse are nothing less than a joke. It is well past time for these half measures to undergo a radical change in support of animal welfare. And it is OUR responsibility to make those changes by pressuring the government into being accountable to create laws and to exact punishment that is not just a slap
    Together we can force change that will ensure that those who harm animals and those who stand aside and do nothing are accountable. Please sign petitions, donate and in your daily life do even one small act of kindness to an animal.
    Individually we are a drop in the bucket but together we are a tidal wave!

  53. Deb Bailey
    Deb Bailey says:

    There are no words fitting to describe my sorrow and heartbreak for this precious wee angel. I am sick to my core over this and will never forget his poor, sweet little face . If he had only been given a chance he would have been a beautiful companion to a loving person (or persons) blessed enough to have him.
    I feel such a deep rage for whoever did this to him
    Those of us who are compassionate “human beings” are feeling outraged that these deviant, sick f….g bastards continue to operate with impunity ….WHY??!!
    We want justice, and have good imaginations about what our brand of “justice” would look like, yet it seems like all we can do is sit back, and experience overwhelming rage, grief, disgust and hatred to name a few.
    The present laws and resources to combat animal abuse are nothing less than a joke. It is well past time for these half measures to undergo a radical change in support of animal welfare. And it is OUR responsibility to make those changes by pressuring the government into being accountable to create laws and to exact punishment that is not just a slap
    Together we can force change that will ensure that those who harm animals and those who stand aside and do nothing are accountable. Please sign petitions, donate and in your daily life do even one small act of kindness to an animal.
    Individually we are a drop in the bucket but together we are a tidal wave!

  54. ellen cottone
    ellen cottone says:

    As a good christian. you offend me.
    you are offensive. you are a lier and your predigest. your the worst.

    but what you really are is a hater. this sorry world has alot of them.
    now, some logic so even you can stop revealing your ignorance.
    To be Christian means to follow in the foot steps of walk the walk and conduct ones self in a christ like mannor.
    whats the matter with you really?


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