Despicable thug who poured boiling liquid on dog sentenced to jail

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A Liverpool, England man was sentenced to jail on Monday at Magistrate’s Court for kicking and beating a dog and then throwing a boiling liquid over her head, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Mark Simon Sharp, 34, plead guilty to animal cruelty and was sent to jail for 16 weeks. Daisy, a friendly King Charles Spaniel, had been beaten by Sharp resulting in nine broken ribs and a broken pelvis as he secretly abused the dog for months. Daisy’s owner had taken her three-year-old dog to the vet with various injuries, which she thought had been caused by accidents. On January 12, Daisy suffered from burns over her head and body. Sharp, the woman’s boyfriend at the time, stated he was “clumsy.”daisy-the-king-charles-spaniel-2

According to RSPCA Inspector Claire Fisher, this was the worst case of animal abuse she had ever investigated in her 13-year-career. Previously a very friendly dog, Daisy cowered in the back of her kennel. An attending veterinarian notified authorities about the probable animal abuse.

In court, prosecutor Peter Mitchell described to Judge Wendy Lloyd what happened to the defenseless dog:

“When (Insp Fisher) attempted to touch the dog, she cowered away and snapped. The inspector described seeing an extensive scabbed area over the top of the head and neck with a particularly raw area at the middle of the top of the head. She was advised that the burns were full skin thickness.”

Sharp told the court he had been  physically attacked since the last hearing and admitted that time of his life he suffered from a deep depression, but couldn’t imagine he could have hurt the dog. He has since moved away from Liverpool and claims he has no memory of ever having hurt Daisy. Judge Wendy Lloyd did not believe his excuse.

According to the Sun, Inspector Fisher stated Daisy’s owner is no longer with Sharp and was horrified after learning about the egregious injuries inflicted upon her dog.

“This prolonged period of cruelty appalled me, especially when I learned of the extent of poor Daisy’s injuries, broken pelvic bones, broken ribs and third degree burns. By Sharp’s own admission, Daisy would cower and urinate around him. Since Daisy was subjected to this vile behavior, it is a miracle she is still so trusting of people,” stated Fisher.

Daisy remains with her owner and has continued to recover. Sharp  was ordered to pay a fine and banned from owning animals for 15 years.

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(Photos via RSPCA and the Sun)



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  1. agrippamom says:

    He should have gotten more time than that. His story is bogus: of course he remembers what he did, and he’ll undoubtedly do it again if not kept where he can’t hurt another living soul.


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