Dead and dying dogs in yard where family enjoyed BBQ

Dead and dying dogs found in woman's yard
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A surreal situation greeted rescuers who were on hand to remove dead and dying dogs from a woman’s property in Long Island, New York. According to Monday’s publication of the New York Daily News, the family who owned the severely neglected dogs was enjoying their own BBQ feast in the midst of the starving, and dead, animals.

Dead and dying dogs found at home

The owner of the dogs, 35-year-old Veleda Bailey, told animal rescuers that she “ran out of food” for the dogs a week earlier – one dog, who was chained to a tree, was already dead and four others were slowly starving to death. The Suffolk County SPCA has charged Bailey with animal cruelty.

In a press conference,  SPCA Chief Roy Gross commented on the horrible situation:

“It was sheer indifference, these animals are just loving creatures who want affection. How can you do that to an animal?”


Linda, a volunteer with Almost Home Animal Rescue and Adoption, commented on the surreal situation that a volunteer discovered while in the area:

One of our volunteers noticed a dead dog, chained to a tree and knew we needed to act NOW. The SPCA was immediately notified with the town and police department. Dogs were taken away to an emergency vet. The family’s kids were playing in backyard with dead dog like nothing happened. Family was barbecuing hamburgers with  starving dogs around them.

The starving dogs are no longer in the custody of the woman who so badly neglected them and child protective services was called about the children who were in the home, and playing in the yard where the dead dog was chained.Woman accused of neglecting dogs

Donations for care can be made to the Babylon Animal Shelter at 631-643-9270. Donations are also being accepted at Almost Home (click here).


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  1. How CAN you do that to an animal???? HOW can a woman have FIVE DOGS, who she claims she can’t afford to feed…and then hold a BBQ for her friends? LOCK HER UP!!! And don’t EVER let her have an animal, of ANY KIND, AGAIN!!! ???

  2. How can someone be so thoughtless and cruel! If you run out of food ask for help from a shelter or humane society! These people obviously had no business owning any animals! What makes this situation even worse is they have taught their children these atrocities are acceptable behavior.


  4. and i bet some asswipe judge will let her get away with it, and bet those kids will grow up to be heartless sobs just like the rest of the trash they are

  5. THROW THE FRIKEN BOOK AT HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of sick mind thinks that is okay !! ????? She should NOT get her children back … The children must think this is “okay”?? AND, she should NEVER be allowed to own pets !!!

  6. WTF? She “ran out of dog food” but she had enough hamburger for the humans??? Well, then feed the hamburger to the dogs, too. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure that one out. Whatever happened to common sense? What a POS. She needs to be starved to near death. RIP sweet dog. I pray the other dogs can make a full recovery and be put in loving homes.

      • I never thought about the issue with Food Stamps not covering dog food. A very good point!!! Wow do I get pissed off at times in line when I see a person with food stamps buying processed foods , total junk food, for the children instead of nutritional things, such as fresh fruit , vegetables. Being a nurse it makes me shudder at times… one told the lady in line that she never bought marked down items because they were inferior… Hell I buy them all the time for my husband and myself and we save money and eat quite well… If they don’t really come down on this person, there is something seriously wrong in that city!!

  7. This is getting crazy man it’s all because of Black trash you should be eating and saying that the dogs have no food you made out with your fat f****** f****** ugly black asses f****** gorging on f****** murder you fat f****** piece of s*** punishment fits the crime star of the dogs for a week pitbulls throw your f****** family in there and get eaten alive you stupid black b**** I’m sorry puppies you didn’t deserve to die that you’re already dead like I always say my friend karma is a b**** and she’s going to be pissed

  8. i pray they get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and never ever have any animals again this is totally beyond cruelty

  9. What a sick, twisted bitch! Sit there and feed her fat fucking face while her pets are dead and dying of starvation. Here is a hint, you twat. If you can’t afford to feed your pets, you should not have any pets in the first place!

  10. My dogs eat before I do there is absolutely no reason to sit there and eat in front of the dogs knowing they are hungry to that woman should feel the same as the dogs did let her starve and chain her to a tree

  11. If she had money to barbeque, she had money to get dog food. This woman isn’t human – she’s a demon. She’s teaching her children that the dogs are nothing, too. How can you sit there and eat food with starving and dead dogs around you? I’m so angry and also sick to my stomach. They need to chain this b**** to a tree and let HER starve to death.

  12. These dogs have been without food a LOT longer than one week. Hopefully, she will not get her children back any time soon. That is not normal for children to be “playing” around dead animals.


  14. I sincerely hope she’s been felony charged and arrested. Those animals went much longer then 1 week without food to be in the condition they’re in. To be BBQing and eating in front of starving animals goes beyond horrific. Can you imagine how they felt? How the smells aggravated their hunger pains? God help them! May that woman get sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison!!! Please keep us updated on the innocent dogs status!!!

    • EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! Imagine how excruciating it must have been for those poor dogs to be able to see and SMELL that meat cooking, knowing they would not be allowed one bite. Their stomachs would have been cramping and it would have been agonizing and is totally inexcusable! That monster needs to be punished to the fullest extent AND should have to pay for the dogs’ medical care and rehab AND should have her kids taken from her. She taught them total lack of compassion for life, and subjected them to horrid conditions. Imagine how they will turn out if left with her…

  15. She is a monster how can she have a babacue around the starbing dogs she should be barbecue alive she is a monster need to be lock up.she looks like a mon
    ster also sick,sick meltal

  16. I would have problem chaining her to a tree and letting her stave to near death. Let her live the pain and fear. Heartless trash !

  17. There isn’t enough punishment in dog curelty laws in this country.These people usually get off with probation.Its heartbreaking.There is no excuse.These dogs were starved a lot longer than 1 week.It takes these dogs a long time to heal after being starved and might even instill food agression in the future Praying for their survival. God bless these precious souls.She should never be allowed to own any animals period.

  18. Does anyone have an update on the evil excuse for a human being that did this?????? Can’t even wrap my head around these horrific acts !!!!!!!!!!! Pure Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GOLLY MAYBE the “BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZERS ” would LIKE to go and MARCH on behalf of their ” UPSTANDING CITIZEN WITH THE DEAD AND STARVING DOGS” BETTER YET maybe they can HOST another barbarque on her behalf in the YARD OF HER HOME with the DEAD and STARVING DOGS this ROTTEN EGG has ABUSED!!!!!

      • pennydachshund, #BLM would NOT march in favor of this monster. Perhaps your impression of what BLM is about is wrong…because I don’t know a SINGLE Black person who would not be as HORRIFIED about this as you and I are. She’s not an “upstanding citizen” in ANYONE’S book that *I* know! (And btw…BLM is not “organized”. It started out with four Black people, just carrying signs, in protest of all the unarmed Black citizens who have been killed by cops.)

      • Actually My Dear! Have YOU STOPPED and taken and SERIOUS LOOK at the RATIO Of the NUMBER of BLACKS are the HORRIFIC , DOG KILLING< CAT BURNING< INDIVIDUAL"S MAIMING< RUNNING DOG FIGHTING RINGS< BURNING < HANGING< CHOKING< DISMEMBERING <STARVING< Small Animals… It is far over Triple other RACE!!! Can YOU JUSTIFY That!!! Also look at the COP Killers what is the ethnic background of the majority of those that commit these crimes… I hope you don't find yourself in a position of being raped, murdered and NEED ONE of those who REALLY NEEDS the help of a COP that you think JUST goes out and kills Blacks for the HELL OF IT…YOU may just find yourself one of those statistics !!!

      • Actually, pennydachshund, the facts show that “White men killed more American police than any other group this year, but conservatives won’t address the facts.” Cruelty is not limited to any one group of people, or do you forget about all the white scientists using animals for makeup experiments or all the white men who killed piles of buffalo just to thin the herds so the prairies could be used for growing crops. Stop picking only the stories that fit your small minded ideas. Look at all the facts and then you will see cruelty is a human trait that we should address wherever it happens, not just because you don’t like the color of someone’s skin. The story about white men killing the most police in the other link.

      • Georgia ::: Maybe you can provide some ground beef and be the guest of honor at the next Bar-Bar-Q this quality mom and citizen has …. take along some food for the remaining animals !!! A bag of chips and hostess twinkies too!!!

  19. This is one of the worst forms of cruelty it is cold blooded and the dogs torture is endless the vile excuse for a human should be made to suffer the same fate

  20. i can only hope that this family suffers physically, emotionally and financially for the rest of their lives. How anyone can gorge themselves while letting their dogs starve to death is beyond me. In this case black lives don’t matter to me. The whole family should be made to pay for what they have done to those poor dogs

  21. Well no need for some of the language and racism on here! I for one think everyone is right though, she should be in jail for a long time and I feel that she should have to go without food and water just as long as those poor animals had to go without. Will she be like the one that died of starvation and dehydration or will she barely make it like the other 4. I also think that for as long as she isn’t allowed food and water, people should be allowed to sit right in front of her and eat big hearty meals, once the dogs are healthy again, feed them in front of her. Yes it is also disgusting that she would even allow young children to go outside and play around dead animals and that in itself tells me she never ever paid attention to those poor animals, I doubt she even noticed it has passed away.

    • I AM NOT A RACIST ( IN fact I have 1/4 Native American Bloodline)!! This individual is WHAT SHE IS if I see the PHOTO CORRECTLY and am not COLOR BLIND!!!! The Black LIVES are SO DAMN QUICK to JIMP on ANY other RACE BUT THEIR WON FOR THIS HORIFFIC ABUSE::: IF I were Racist I WOULD SAY SCALP HER!!!!

      • @pennysdachshund Seriously WTF is wrong with you? This is NOT about the color of this woman’s skin and it is has absolutely NOTHING to do with the BLM movement! It doesn’t matter what color her f*cking skin is you idiot! She is a MONSTER who starved dogs in front of her children. THAT is the issue, not the color of her skin! FFS! Why do people like you always try to inject race into an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with it? That in itself seems racist to me and I am not even black.

      • pennyduche,
        You are a racist. The real racists of the world never see them selves as racist.
        You are no part american indian.A wirdo family myth. go ahead get your self a dna test and your family can stop justifying your hate of other people.
        no you are a common hateful ordinary stupid white man.
        and you embarrasses all
        yourv even insulting to american indians. you did not just exploit native americans by saying “you would scalp her”
        no your the worst thing in the world.
        A stupid Fuc**n white man.over 70yrs old. your kind will be extinced soon.
        good riddance to bad rubbish.

  22. R.I.P. baby ;( OMG! How long did you suffer? Eating in front of you starving? These poor souls have been starved for over a week! Children running among this living creature who’s already dead and lived his/her life tied to a leash? GOSH! What the F.. is wrong with you !@##$%% sub-human??? DO TO THIS !@##$$%% 10 TIMES MORE WHAT SHE DID!!!! WHEN THIS CRUELTY WILL STOP???!!!! When they are treated the same! Our loyal companions are not trash, a thing, they feel emotions AND PAIN YOU STUPID !##$$$% sub-human! TAKE HER KIDS AWAY AND show them and teach them about love and compassion!!! For the ones still alive
    I pray you find the love, care and happiness with your forever compassionate and responsible human/family sweeties. God bless you.

  23. suffolk county, long island ny.
    you better have an animal abuse registry.
    she needs to be monitored every where and every day.she must be registered.she is on the same leval as a child molester and murdered.
    neglect is the ultimate passive abuse. its the horrable slow one that often goes unnoticed.
    thank god for the helper. how brave.

  24. What kind of people can enjoy a bar b que in the midst of dying and starving dogs? The whole lot of them need help. Dogs don’t get in this shape after only one week of not eating! This has been going on much longer than that!

  25. si elle n’a pas les moyens de s’occuper de ces pauvres chiens ,pourquoi en adopter 05 ,je crois que ses arguments sont insuffisants .il faut tout simplement constater qu’elle n’a pas de cœur ce qui va de soit pour ses enfants ,s’ils sont éduquer dans un tel environnement ils grandiront sans émotions ni pitié .


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