Cruelty charge against owner for tying bull by its nose

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In Nagpur, India, a cruelty charge has been levied against the owner of a bull who tethered the animal to a tree by tying a nylon rope on its nose. The FIR (First Information Report), a written document prepared by police organizations in reference to the commission of a cognizable crime, is the first of its kind in the region – thus finally promoting some action against the rampant animal cruelty.

According to the Times of India, the owner told authorities he tied the bull to strengthen its muscles for better mating, however animal activists stated the bull was being prepped to fight, which many people still do despite the court’s ban on bull fighting. Witnesses saw the bull in Imambada and described how it was tethered:

“The bull was tied to a tree through a nylon rope and its front limbs were kept on a wooden platform which must be 1-1.5 feet high. I saw this for three days and though I couldn’t meet the owner, some residents said they have been witnessing for the last two-three months the bull tied this way daily for the entire day.”

Bulls are tied from the nose to make them “thick skinned” explained officials with the thought that this will strengthen their neck and chest and the bulls won’t feel the pain while fighting. Even worse, the bulls are kept under the stressful conditions to make them more aggressive during fights; they are even often forced to drink alcohol.

On Saturday, People for the Animals (PFA) accompanied police  and under FIR registered a complaint under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960. Unfortunately fines for animal cruelty do not reflect the seriousness of the crimes – will that ever change in India?

(Photo of cruelty charge via screenshot Times of India)

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  1. edward says:

    I like that idea but let’s change it around let’s take the Nile and roll through his nose tied to these assholes cock and have him driving through the f****** yards of glass yay for the bull


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