Cruel owner drills clamp through dog’s hind leg

Dog euthanized after testing positive for Covid-19
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A stray male dog found roaming in the area of Chatsworth, South Africa was rescued on Monday with a clamp drilled through his hind leg, reports the South Coast Sun.

According to the Amanzimtoti SPCA, the egregious case of animal cruelty even surprised the rescue staff as to the viciousness of the deed:

“It blows my mind – just when I think I’ve seen all the cruelty humans can inflict on our precious animals, I encounter a new one,” stated the rescue organization’s manager Tracey Girling.

Girling rushed the dog to the team’s local veterinarian who stated the clamp had been drilled into the dog’s leg within the last 24 to 48 hours. The dog could not put any weight on that leg. Described as a great dog, it is hoped after he recuperates that he can find a loving, safe home.

Chaining dogs in the yard is against the law. Anyone with information as to the identity of the dog or his owner is asked to contact the SPCA office at 031.904.2424/5. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Help this wonderful dog find justice. To help the Amanzimtoti SPCA with the dog’s medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Image via the SunCoastSun)

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  1. I like that idea it looks like fun how about we do this so let me get my f and drill out and get about a 14 inch bit and drool who you’re f****** eyes out to your f****** a little like bring you piece of s*** I think that’d be cool

  2. Why are people being soooo cruel to animals apart from the obvious that they can and have no responsibility or respect for that creature as they see it

    • Because this is an Evil world were living in and people have no respect for anyone., much less anything…but brutally torturing an animal for the fun of it blows my mind., their time is coming…It’s called Hell and IF they think there is not a hell., lots of luck to them!!!
      I hope they endure just as much pain as they have inflicted on these poor animals., they deserve every bit of it! Makes me sick to see how these poor animals had to suffer!

  3. Someone has to be the voice of this dog and knows who this scum owner is. You drill a hook in his hind leg. Well us drill a hook on your hind leg. I’m sure you would think twice, and such pain Oh My!
    It just sickens my stomach to hear all the bad things people and kid’s are doing to the dogs, puppies, cats etc.! Our sweet, innocent dogs who do not deserve any of this…

  4. Thank God the dog was rescued, treated, and will have the opportunity to find a new home. Glad we have a way to publicize and track down abusers. Let’s find the block of wood that did this to the dog.

  5. It’s too much now . Govt should be more n more serious about it . Or else all human will implement their own laws . So take it seriously .

  6. I feel this needs to be taken further and investigated, offer a reward for information, this devil needs to be found, and obviously he has done this before and will do this again. Wishing this evil thing all the bad luck in the world, hope your days are cruel and long!!!

  7. People are just EVIL! Drilling a clamp into a dog’s back foot.The poor dog having to suffer extreme pain,discomfort,swelling and couldn’t put any weight on it. What a miserable bastard who did this act of cruelty.I hope,karma gets that evil,miserable beast who did this to this dog.


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