Crime fighting kitty helps police track down fugitive

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In Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a crime fighting kitty helped to lead officers tracking down a fugitive hiding in the area. According to the Ephrata Police Department’s Facebook page, officers had been searching for 23-year-old fugitive Jonathan Michael Steffy who had an outstanding Lancaster County bench warrant.ephrata-police-department

As Steffy eluded police, officers were soon able to locate the man’s approximate position in a nearby backyard located on Duke Street. So policemen set up a perimeter around the property and began to search for the man. And here’s where the story gets odd – or maybe a bit of a “cat and mouse” game to at least one neighborhood cat. One officer noticed a black cat crouched down and steadily watching something in the vicinity of the shed. The officer went over to the shed, but found nothing. So again he checks back at the cat who is still intently looking past the shed towards another shed. Yep, you’re right!

The officer ran over to the second shed, and there was Steffy – trying to hide.  It seems there was no fooling an undercover cat – or was it just the cat’s meow? Good work crime fighting feline. Your family must be proud.

“The Ephrata PD is thankful for any crime fighting assistance we get, whether human or feline!”

(Photo of crime fighting kitty courtesy of Ephrata Police Department)

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