creep hit dog

Creep hits dog so hard ’caused the dog’s body to spin’

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In Rock Hill, South Carolina, a man has been charged with animal abuse after authorities accused him of routinely hitting his dog, reports the Herald.

On Saturday, the Rock Hill Police arrested Christian Porter, 24, at his home located on Park Meadow Drive after someone reported him torturing his dog. When authorities arrived, Porter stated he hit the dog to “discipline it to a T,” adding that he commonly “whoops” the pit bull so hard  it “causes the dog’s body to spin.”

Porter continued to explain that “he ‘pins the dog down and tells it how he feels about it,” and stated that he hits the dog in the face to make sure the dog understands. York County Animal Control arrived and seized the dog after evaluating how scared the dog was and that the dog would not move.

The accusations against Porter resulted in him being taken to jail in lieu of a $750 bond.

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6 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    And if this Pit Bull bites someone it will be the “dog’s” fault! (sarcasm). Prayers for this baby, and hopes that this POS is never allowed near a dog again, $750 bond is a joke! I hope this poor dog is able to overcome this treatment!

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Well of course WE can all see that ” DOG”S LIVES DON”T ” in the Life of Christian Porter… His actions sure Don’t live up to his BIRTH NAME DO THEY!!! He needs to take his warped sense of values with him to Jail for a select amount of time to evaluate his ridged and abusive standards… HOPEFULLY HE will NEVER father a child… I can only imagine what horrific treatment the little one would receive if they should soil themselves and anger Mr. Christian Porter!!!!! WOW

  3. Lisa morris says:

    750 dollar bond really , punish this ass no dog should be mistreated like however would love to see this idiot slapped so hard he spins and his ugly head falls off he’s a thug


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