Creative police department post, ‘Fugitive K9 Captured’

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13654171_1236649066380258_5359352770757698153_nA police department in Florida got creative with a “fugitive” K9 who was recently picked up as a stray. The Tarpon Springs Police Department posted two clever photos, along with a creative write-up about a dog who wandered away from home and was then “captured,” and brought back to the station.

On July 11, the police department wrote:


On 07/11/2016 officers of TSPD captured Willow who had wandered away from home in Tarpon Springs. Willow refused to tell officers where she lived so she was taken to the PD where she was booked and photographed.

The department added:

She was very cooperative with officers and probably one of the most friendly prisoners we’ve ever had in custody. Just a little short for her booking photo so she needed assistance getting to the right height.

Fortunately, Willow’s owners caught wind of their dog’s canine escapade and arrived to the station to bond her out. All’s well that ends well.

(Photos via Tarpon Springs Police Department Facebook page)13620073_1236649069713591_3644408223402923838_n

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