Couple’s lost dog found in dumpster with paws and mouth taped shut

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In Box Elder, South Dakota, a couple left their small terrier out into their yard last Friday while they left for a  quick trip to run an errand, reports KotaTelevisionNews. Buddy the dumpster dog

When Cathy Jacques and her husband returned home, their little pooch, named Buddy was no where to be found. The couple searched for hours up and down the street where they lived and around the entire neighborhood; Buddy was gone. As a last resort, they stopped by a dumpster and picked up the heavy lid.

“Little Buddy’s front paws had been taped together, his back paws were taped together; his mouth was taped shut and he was stuffed inside of a garbage bag and it was tied shut,” stated Cathy. “His whole face was drenched. I think it was from him panting, and the condensation inside of the bag.” Buddy the dumpster dog 2

The temperature outdoors on Friday had exceeded 90 degrees. Little Buddy was lucky to be alive. The family had to shave off the pup’s coat because of the stuck tape. The pink collar the dog had been wearing was missing, and Cathy thinks whoever did this to her dog kept the collar as a souvenir.

“What could a sweet puppy do that it would deserve that? If they had a problem with my dog, they could’ve just came to me and said something,” said Cathy.

And now Buddy will no longer be allowed outdoors by himself ever again, and their home has a 24-hour surveillance camera just to make sure the family and Buddy are safe. Fortunately Buddy is recovering and seems to be doing well emotionally. He is still playful and friendly. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Box Elder Police Department at   605-394-2151. Cathy is offering a $100 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the cruelty.

A GoFundMe account can be found here.



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    • Marion Weston says:

      Agree completely! Makes me ashamed of fellow man sometimes! But then I try to think of all the kind, right minded, people out there! The are so many, doing such good work, and I applaud them!

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I was so relieved to read that poor little Buddy is going to be all right! I hope they find the POS that did this! Yes the days of being able to leave your pets in their own fenced in yard unsupervised are over, there are too many monsters out there waiting for the opportunity to do something like this to your dog. The Jacques were lucky this ended as well as it did, too many times they would have found Buddy too late!

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Well I lived in Black Hawk S.D. after the flood of the 70’sduring the reconstruction stage and know the area of Box Elder quite well. It is definitely a place NO ONE would want to leave their Children OR their Pet out alone in their yard with NO BODY there to watch them ! For Christ Sakes this was in the 70’s so I can imagine the type of individuals and drug users inhabit that area in 2016… Are these two pets owners totally in the OZONE!!!!! I am so glad their little Dog survived with nothing more than the emotional and mental anguish he endured while they were gone…. GOOD GOD you tow LOOK around YOU at where YOU are LIVING this is NOT the BEST area of suburban RAPID CITY!!!! DAH

  3. virginia green says:

    find who did it to the dog and do it to them also.that was they 4 legged kid wearing fur.that is they kid.

  4. Ed says:

    F****** lucky you have no clue why would you be stupid enough to run an errand let your dog out in the yard what about scumbags call things to remember Predators coyotes Hawks especially something as adorable as good as him wake up guys don’t ever make that mistake again you should hear yourself extremely lucky God bless buddy

  5. agrippamom says:

    So glad Buddy was found alive. The days of leaving your pets outside unattended are over. Whoever did this needs to be found, and the place to start is at the homes of the family’s neighbors. I will guarantee you that one of them did it, and, if the couple thinks about it, they might even have a good idea who because dog haters tend to give themselves away……

  6. Tim says:

    some people just don’t deserve to be breathing our air, they are what would be known as waste of flesh and air

  7. Terry Jackson says:

    I find it funny that people blame the owners, I don’t care where you live you should be able to leave your dog outside for a little while by itself without having to worry, what about the scum sucker that went onto their property and trespassed and stole their dog, what kind of world do we live in when it is the victims fault all the time and no one blinks an eye at the people committing the crime, I am so glad they got their dog back safe and sound and to the person that did it, you need to be in jail or a mental hospital because you are a sick person..

    • Patience Miller says:

      Well if you have a way to make it safe I’d love to hear it. Sure you should be able to leave your dog outside safely, but it isn’t and no amount of wishful thinking will change that.
      That these people were not aware of the dangers is what is worrisome. There are also some very inconsiderate dog owners who leave their dogs outside to bark for hours….there is one near me. Often a dog left alone outside like that will start to bark and of course people notice that and may decided to take matters in to their own hands.
      They are very lucky they found their dog. Whoever did this has some serious anger issues.

  8. michelle taylor says:

    I would love to help paybaack to the vile POS who tried to kill Buddy.
    Never,ever leave your pet outside unattended and also build a secure fence in your yard.The world is full of vile,deranged scumbags.

  9. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I have never left my dogs outside when I wasn’t home – even if I just drove to the convenience store less than a mile from my house. They stay inside unless I’m there to watch them. There are too many monsters in this world who get their kicks from hurting innocent animals. I hope they find the monster(s) who did this – they are, ultimately, the ones to blame, but you need to protect your babies – both two- and four-legged. I’m glad the dog was found and is alive, but no animal should have to go through what this precious pup did.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      You are so right, the days of our pets being safe left alone in our yards is over. There have been cases where pets have even been stolen or killed inside their homes. I hope they find who did this, they need to pay for this!

    • Patience Miller says:

      I agree! What were they thinking? It just is not safe for so many reasons. What about bees or wasps? Or another dog jumping in the fence?
      I am wondering if the dog was barking a lot and someone got tired of it and decided to do something. Often dogs will bark when left outside alone like that.

  10. Judy says:

    OMg what is the matter with people – I am sure they will be punished by a higher power – thank God your furbaby is now ok – I have cats and I dont let them out because I am scared of something happening to them and that would break my heart

  11. Janet says:

    The fact that the thief kept the collar as a “trophy” says that they have bad mental issues…and could graduate to preying on people.

  12. Karin says:

    I question this story, it just doesn’t sound right to me. My dog has accidentally gotten out before, as I am sure many family pets have played Houdini & make a fast escape when the opportunity arises. When looking for them, I have never once thought to look into any trash cans.
    What made them want to go look into the trash bins? That part is strange to me.
    Then you see trash & black plastic trash bags. Now they get into the trash bin & dig around & then have to cut open all the trash bags to see if their dog is inside any of them.
    Maybe it’s just me, I know the dog is lucky they did this & was found, but I just don’t see this as normal behavior, digging through the trash and all…
    What made them want to do this or to believe their dog was in there in the first place?
    I think it’s strange & it’s possibly a made up story to get who knows what… Attention, sympathy, money, free dog food, etc…
    Does anyone else think it’s odd?

    • Penny's Dachshund says:

      I too thought that was very strange!!! I am also quite cynical so I thought it was just me!!! When I saw that they didn’t have some GO FUND ME FUND SET UP!! Why would you resort to looking in a plastic bag in a dumpster!!!! STRANGE!!!

  13. NANCY says:



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