Couple stabbed dog 15 times after tying its legs to its neck

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Authorities in Springdale, Arkansas have arrested a couple and charged them with aggravated animal cruelty after they allegedly stabbed their family dog 15 times. According to ArkansasMatters, Timothy Triggs, 42, and Stacey Deleon, 46, were arrested on Tuesday after police responded to a call from the landlord of an apartment located on N. West End where he found a large amount of blood inside of the garage. An air conditioning worker had been installing the units when he found the blood.

Officers followed the trail to a shallow grave where they made the grisly discovery of a dog whose legs had been tied to its neck with a red shoestring and stabbed 15 times on its head, neck and chest. Police also found a “bloody knife with a bent tip and a hammer with blood hair on it.”

Triggs and Deleon had moved out of the apartment, and when interviewed, the couple admitted to stabbing their dog and “putting it down” because he was sick. Deleon admitted the dog had suffered and told police she had closed her eyes while stabbing him hoping he would die quickly. Neither of the two ever contacted a veterinarian.

Both have been booked into the Washington County Detention Center.

Rest in peace innocent victim. (Photos of couple stabbed dog 15 times courtesy of Washington County Detention Center)

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  1. You don’t stab your dog if it is sick, to put it out of it’s misery! You take it to a vet to be treated and if need be put down humanely. These people are disgusting POS’s! They need to be out of society!

  2. Well FOR ONE THING THESE TWO EVIL, VILE,PSYCHOPATHS, MURED this unfortunate dog that got them as owners… WHEN WILL THEY START on PEOPLE … This is ACTUALLY BEYOND EVIL,,, YET they will probably Walk free and the deserve several YEARS of PRISON TIME… at the very least…. LOOK at the EVIL IN HIS and the BLANK ,Vacant look in hers … These BASTARDS don’t DESERVE TO LIVE…

  3. I want to stab and rip your fucking heart out and shove it up you ass then shit in your mouth and choke you till your eyes pop out die a miserable death mother fuckers

  4. The dog was ‘sick’ but these bastards didn’t take him to a vet? Time to exterminate the vermin. They simply didn’t want to move with him. The LEAST they could have done was take him to a shelter.

    • LIARS!!! I don’t believe the dog was sick at all! These two POS just wanted to get rid of him the quickest way possible. Rid society of them the quickest way possible. Throw away the key! R.I.P. beautiful dog. I am so sorry you ever met up with these devils!

  5. That horrible!!! I don’t believe they were “putting it down” to end its suffering. Please prosecute those POS to the fullest extent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If you believe what they said you will believe anything, they murdered that poor fur baby and it must have gone through hell, they have to be severely punished they can not be allowed to get away with this horrible killing if they do then you can be sure they will do it again, and they will be bragging about it and laughing at the courts for letting them go free, please don’t let this little soul die this painful death for nothing make these horrible hateful Devils Disciples pay with a very long jail sentence in solitary confinement.

  7. These two are spawns of Satan and need to die a horrible death – the same way they killed their dog. Was he really even sick? I doubt it. They just didn’t want to deal with him anymore. RIP sweet dog. I’m sorry for your suffering at the hands of these creatures who, in spite of everything, you loved.

  8. those people are killers,monsters,phycopath need to be in jail for the rest pf their lives they dont need to stab the poor dog 15 times…all they need to do is to take the dog to the vet..OMG killers…

  9. Disgusting no 1 has th right to make an animal suffer this was evil b brutal u hav to pay for wot u hav done nd hope th courts arnt lenient u deserve Al, u get it’s not acceptable no excuse for this

  10. OMG! If you do any harm to a dog or any other animal, what you scum people do to that dog you should get the same treatment. RIP sweet angel dog!

  11. I hope and pray they both get severe charges against them..and long jail time. They could of brought the dog to a vets or a shelter. There was absolutely no reason for what they did. I would love to stab the 15 times and hit them with a hammer. I hope both rot in hell

  12. Ignorant morons! – How dare they? – They are from AR the backward mountain folk who are as dumb as dirt – put them out of their misery rather let them rot in jail – pos!

  13. I can’t understand for the life of me why people torture animals – must be some sort of insanity going around because I don’t think a rational person would be so dang evil.

  14. I hope somebody does the same thing to them. If I was rich I would pay somebody to do it! No excuse for such evil actions by these two. They better get max prison time and never be able to own another animal!

  15. This is sickening the pain and suffering you two put this poor innocent baby is umimaginable i pray that when you get a long stay in prison and i pray that bubba takes care of both of you may god have mercy on you because i for one can not

  16. This is OUTRAGEOUS, blatant animal cruelty deserving prison time in my book. What kind of people are these anyway?? Sadistic, evil creeps who didn’t even have the guts to take the dog to a vet?? Makes me wonder what the dog’s life must have been like in the first place. Surely they’ll be banned from ever owning another living creature, not even a goldfish.

  17. Do they no they won’t get away with this god will make them punish through karma when they die they die for ever but this dog will come back again would they like if this was done to them I hope they get prison.

  18. I have finally stopped crying over this dog and I live in NZ.. what a horrific painful scary agonisingly slow death for that dog.. and she did the stabbing!! admitted to closing her eyes while doing this…. I cant fathom this. its so evil.. so.. that poor dog all it ever did was love them and this is what they do … death sentence is needed here.. a strong message needs to be sent down to animal abusers.. world wide this is NOT acceptable.. anywhere.. any time any situation.. evil evil evil sick omg I cant ….

  19. These aree human defectives. This was not “cruelty” or “abuse.” This was torture murder. They are competent to stand trial: they knew what they were doing. They are simply ignorant and stupid and disordered. When “murder” can be legally applied to nonhuman victims, murderers like this will get put away where they belong, with the hard time they deserve.

  20. They both need to be “put down” the same exact way because they are obviously too stupid to exist in this world with normal humans. They need to be put in prison for YEARS or worse.

  21. They should hadnt a dog in first place if can’t cope with it punish it horrific way dog didn’t deserve how hard is it take any pet to vets check out pets trust us with love they bond back same way I just hope judges give same punishment has those commit death of human Thiers no difference on human to animals both get caught up so I think justice system should be life to animals cruelty


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