Couple stabbed dog 15 times after tying its legs to its neck

Authorities in Springdale, Arkansas have arrested a couple and charged them with aggravated animal cruelty after they allegedly stabbed their family dog 15 times. According to ArkansasMatters, Timothy Triggs, 42, and Stacey Deleon, 46, were arrested on Tuesday after police responded to a call from the landlord of an apartment located on N. West End where he found a large amount of blood inside of the garage. An air conditioning worker had been installing the units when he found the blood.

Officers followed the trail to a shallow grave where they made the grisly discovery of a dog whose legs had been tied to its neck with a red shoestring and stabbed 15 times on its head, neck and chest. Police also found a “bloody knife with a bent tip and a hammer with blood hair on it.”

Triggs and Deleon had moved out of the apartment, and when interviewed, the couple admitted to stabbing their dog and “putting it down” because he was sick. Deleon admitted the dog had suffered and told police she had closed her eyes while stabbing him hoping he would die quickly. Neither of the two ever contacted a veterinarian.

Both have been booked into the Washington County Detention Center.

Rest in peace innocent victim. (Photos of couple stabbed dog 15 times courtesy of Washington County Detention Center)

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