Couple fighting to save shepherd with bizarre infection

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A couple in North Carolina is fighting to save their young German shepherd who has a bizarre infection in her salivary glands. The trouble for 14-month-old “Thea,” began on Sunday when her owner, Allison, noticed that her dog appeared to have a “double-chin.”


Thea spent Monday at the vet with an elevated temperature and a vague diagnosis of salivary gland infection. Thea was returned home, but the swelling on her neck only proceeded to worsen. Allison told the Pet Rescue Report, “By Monday night it was the size of a tennis ball on the bottom of her neck. Tuesday morning I work up and saw it was a solid mass and we immediately took her back, seeing that it was getting worse. By 9 that morning it was the size of a grapefruit under her neck on the side and on her chest. ”

Again, Thea was rushed to the veterinarian and put on the strongest antibiotics that she could handle. The veterinarian consulted with veterinarians the University of North Carolina, and the consensus was that the infection should recede with antibiotic therapy.


Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Thea once again spent an entire day at the veterinary clinic – though she was released in the late afternoon (after the fever went down), a few short hours later, the lump had doubled in size and was “dripping like a faucet.”

Thea had to undergo surgery on Thursday morning because there was so much fluid in her neck…on Saturday, she will be undergoing an ultrasound to see if there is something more serious than an infection causing the repeated fluid build up in her neck.

In the meantime, Thea’s owners are crippled with veterinary expenses. The couple has already maxed out one credit card and is currently relying on Care Credit.

Shepherd with bizarre infection

In a day and age where many pets, afflicted with injuries or infections, are surrendered to animal shelters because their owners can’t handle the veterinary expenses, it is heartwarming to know that Thea’s owners are doing everything in their power to help save their companion’s life.

There is, however, no denying that the financial burden to save Thea’s life is real, and it is overwhelming. A GoFundMe account has been established to help Thea’s owners provide their beloved four-legged friend with all of the care that she needs to survive. Donations can also be called to her veterinarian at the Banfield Pet Hospital at Petsmart in Greenville, North Carolina. Phone:  (252) 756-3145…donors, please reference “Thea Tucker.”

Online fundraiser here.

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  1. Banfield u should help this baby no matter what the cost is I always thought u had to have pet insurance through them … if that is the case why buy pet insurance come on Banfield elp them!!!!


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