Couple who claimed 5-month-old puppy stolen and used as ‘live bait’ under fire on social media

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A tiny five-month-old Chihuahua was allegedly stolen by burglars on September 23rd, and used as “live bait” for fighting dogs, claim a couple from  Tresforest, South Wales. When notified by police their dog had been found, the couple stated their beloved puppy named Missy was so horribly mutilated they had to have her euthanized, reports Wednesday’s edition of the Sun.

According to the dog’s owner, Naomi Carter, 35,

” She had to be put to sleep as it looks like she was used as a bait dog. The vet couldn’t do anything for her.”

Carter, a mother of four, claimed Missy had a very special relationship with her eight-year-old autistic son, and when the youngster found out his dog was missing the child was devastated. And so were thousands of people hearing the story about the defenseless little puppy and a brokenhearted little boy. A Facebook page, Justice for Missy was set up garnering nearly 5,000 “likes” in just hours. Cheryl Davies, who created  the page, said advocates hoped to help find the culprit and  bring the responsible party who hurt Missy to justice. No one had any reason to believe the story about Missy was anything but factual.

“This is a group has been set up to get #JusticeForMissy. This morning her family received a call from the police informing they had found Missy. Sadly the vets where Missy was taken to had to put her to sleep. It appears Missy was used as a ‘Bait Dog’ and her injuries were too severe to save her. Run Free Missy. Our thoughts are with Missy’s family at this horrendous time xx.”

And then something very strange and unsettling was reported; a South Wales police spokesperson said there was never a report of any incident.  And so a mystery continues … what happened to Missy? On the Justice for Missy page, facts have been gathered including  information no break-in was ever reported to the police. And then more doubt found its way to the social media page:

“The vets which they told people in private messages and on social media had her body, never had her body because I rang them myself this morning and asked them. The same vets then publicly wrote a statement on their own Facebook dismissing all of it as lies.”

As this has become a highly emotional situation, comments are being withheld on the Facebook page. Advocates are concentrating on finding Missy and hoping the puppy is alive and well. Another puppy that was to have been given to the family for their child will not be delivered, and a GoFundMe page has been cancelled.

As of this time, there are no charges against the family nor has there been any indication that an investigation has commenced. Still the search for Missy continues. What are your thoughts?

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13 replies
  1. riann says:

    they need to be charged that mother did this to get money from people CHARGE THAT TWIT someone should do to her what ever was done to the pup,, it was all a lies so you know it was all to try and get money from caring people

  2. Darla says:

    The parents need to be thoroughly investigated. Sounds very suspicious to me. At least they didn’t get the new puppy or the GoFundMe money.

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    These Worthless SCUMBAGS are the type that will sell their son to Child Molesters to use for a rather large fee! Their daughter at age 10-or 11 for Prostitution!!! Keep having Kids and try to get more and more government assistance!!! Their Children need to be removed from the property and put into protective custody !!!!! The mom and dad need to Disappear!!!!

  4. Angela says:

    Wow there was a go fund me page set up s well ,sounds like load of lies and probs trying to get funds donated fraudulently, im relieved the new puppy didn’t go there

  5. Nicola says:

    The dog has been found safe and well. She is with the owners, but it is not known whether she always was. This is the third dog they have reported stolen.


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