Convicted puppy killer jailed for missing court appearances

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A convicted puppy killer has been jailed after repeatedly trying to delay sentencing because her “mysterious” lawyer has yet to appear, reports the Advertiser.

Vicki Brown, 59, of Hackham West, Australia, faced sentencing at the Christies Beach Magistrates Court for two animal cruelty convictions – ill-treating an animal and ill-treating of an animal causing its death. On Monday morning, Magistrate Elizabeth Sheppard revoked bail for the convicted puppy killer.vicki-brown-starved-dog-2

Brown starved her pet Chihuahua to death, and then threw it in a garbage bin. The dog’s emaciated four-pound body was found in the trash at Brown’s home in May 2015. Authorities described the ravaged little body as skeletal in nature and found in Brown’s trash bin inside of the property where the dog had been kept in atrocious conditions.

As to Brown’s claim of having a lawyer, the court received handwritten receipts from Brown stating she had paid an attorney $3,000 to represent her, but the lawyer never appeared. The magistrate was skeptical of the defendant’s story.

“I made it very clear she needed to have a lawyer in place. Now we have this mysterious explanation about a non-existent interstate barrister who appears to write out odd-looking cash receipts,” stated Magistrate Sheppard.

Brown  is expected to spend the next six weeks in prison undergoing an evaluation and sending a strong message that animal cruelty is of major importance, and if someone treats an animal the way Brown did, they will be sent to prison while matters are finalized. Ronan O’Brien, the prosecutor for the RSPCA was relieved Brown is now in jail stating:

“The dog deserved to be loved and cared for; not strewn away like a piece of garbage in a wheelie bin.”

Sentencing is in December.

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(Photos via screenshot from Advertiser and RSPCA)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Too bad this individual doesn’t decide to starve herself to death and SAVE SOCIETY and any other animals she might decide she wants to torture and kill in such a horrific fashion the time and money to deal with this Maggot!


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