When it comes to dogs, there is no political party

When it comes to dogs, there is no political party

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An experiment, conducted by Pedigree, seems to show that, “when it comes to dogs, there is no political party.” People Pets wrote about the social experiment on Thursday, and the accompanying video, showing what transpired, is heartwarming.

For the experiment, a woman pretended to be searching for the owner of a golden retriever that she found wandering. The woman is sent into a Trump rally, while wearing a pro-Hillary shirt, and then to a Hillary rally, wearing a pro-Trump shirt.

In each situation, the woman is initially questioned a bit about her choice for presidential candidate, but in short order, the people attending the various rallies seem to want is to talk about the lost dog, their own dogs, and how they can help reunite the pet with an owner who is most assuredly worried…not about politics.

In the end, when the dog is finally back in the arms of the grateful owner, attendees at the rallies are all smiles – nobody seems to care, in the wonderful moment, about who is voting for who. On Wednesday, when Pedigree released the video to Facebook followers, they wrote, “At a time when politics has divided us, could something simple unite us?”

Apparently, judging by the heartwarming reactions, the answer is yes. And for those of you who have refrained from sharing anything political on social media, this particular video might be a good exception.

Video of the project below.


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