Dog recovering after being shot

City pound trying to help dog who was presumably shot by hunters

A dog in Kennett, Missouri, is recovering after being shot multiple times – presumably by a duck hunter. On December 3, the city pound for Kennett reached out to Facebook followers about the grievously injured dog who was found in an area frequented by duck hunters – Kennett Humane Department wrote:

(I was) contacted by some people about a dog being shot. Apparently this area is for duck hunters and a very rural area. Dogs are dumped and the area residence feed what they can. The dogs roam. So if the dogs get around the hunting area they are shot to keep the ducks from being scared off. This big guy is so sweet even with gunshot wounds and metal still inside of him.

The wounded dog was taken to the Kennett Veterinary Clinic for care – the city pound is hoping that people will help donate funds to cover this dog’s veterinary expenses.


You can donate by mailing directly to:
1704 St. Francis
Kennett MO 63857
Or calling

(Photos via Kennett Humane Dept. Facebook page)

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