Christmas miracle saves 14-year-old shepherd ‘stray’

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A senior German shepherd named Jake found his Christmas miracle. The 14-year-old pooch, who has limited movement in his rear legs because of  Lumbosacral Disease or more commonly known as hip dysplasia, arrived at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California as a stray. jake-and-his-critters-3

Although there were reports Jake’s owner had earlier been contacted and had promised to pick up his old time companion, no one ever showed up to reclaim the dog. Meanwhile, Jake waited and waited, but as the days passed, he began to lose hope. Had it not been for animal advocates bringing Jake’s plight to the public eye through social media, the future of this friendly old guy could have been much different. And so the campaign to help a lonely, abandoned dog quickly escalated:

“Saving Carson Shelter Dogs JAKE-ID #A5020500 -MALE-14-YEAR-GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG. JAKE Is A Sweet Soul, He’s 14 & He Is In The Medical Building Of The Shelter. He Needs Help Fast Before He Gets Sick. Please SHARE For His Life, He is VERY Special & A FOSTER Or ADOPTER Would Save him. THANKS! My Name Is JAKE I’m A Male German Shepherd. My Friends At The Shelter Thinks I’m About 14-Years-Old. I Came To The Shelter As A Stray On December 20, 2016.”

And on December 23, Jake was rescued by Josh and his critters. The official announcement was posted on Facebook, and the crowd gave it a virtual cheer:

“Jake! Is an absolute sweetheart! We pulled him off Death row today he’s around 14 years old! X-rays show Lumbosacral Disease / hip dysplasia > so he’s unable to use his back legs… He doesn’t appear to be in pain > The doctors have loaded him up on steroids!! They say Only time will tell!! He’s here with us and we are monitoring him around the clock. He has a full belly and the heater is on so his little bones are nice and warm!! He was so hungry!! He’s already on his second meal!! He’s soooooo sweet!!”

To help Jake with his medical expenses, donations can be made here.

Jake’s Christmas miracle courtesy of Jake and his critters.

Check out Jake’s freedom photo:


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  1. So glad he was saved. Why was he hungry? Was the shelter not feeding him because he was scheduled to be euthanized and they were tryingto save a few dollars?

  2. I often have to think, when I hear stories like this…just HOW MANY PEOPLE either saw or knew of Jake’s condition & dickhead of owner …& DID NOTHING! NOT A DAMN THING!!!


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