Dog missed date with death

Charlie missed Monday’s appointment with death

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On Monday, November 15 a pit bull, who is adored by staff and volunteers at the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility, missed his appointment with death. Euthanasia for those who do not like the word “kill,” but bottom line, prettied up or otherwise – death.

The dog, named “Charlie,” scored a perfect “A” on his shelter administered temperament test back in July, but the stress of being confined to a boring, stark and lonesome kennel run has taken its toll. On Tuesday, Tracy, a volunteer coordinator, reached out to Pet Rescue Report to explain what has happened to this A+ dog:

Charlie wants to live…so do the people around him and his special visitors, who have been visiting him since July 23, 2016 at the Baldwin Shelter. Well, time at the shelter does something to a dog that spends endless amount of time kenneled up day after day, month after month! It called  “Kennel Stress” and this condition can determine a dogs fate rather quickly…and not a pleasant one at that. We have seen many dogs, once out of shelter environment recover and make a complete turn around to their happy place.

The kennel stress recently made Charlie fail a subsequent temperament test – which resulted in the “euthanasia” date on Monday. Thanks to the volunteers who adore Charlie, and a good deal of pleading, that “date” was extended – but it won’t be for long.

Tracy shared her plea for the special dog, who is just like every other dog who just wants the chance to live:

Charlie is not special, he is typical, and many others before him just as ordinary in the way that this breed is misunderstood, mislabeled, over breed has now become by no fault of their own a shelter problem…Society and lack of responsible ownership by not spaying and neutering is one of the biggest issues and down fall for this breed. Please shed some light on Charlie but for all the other Charlie’s that have long past over, never living out their full life…. because this story is a common everyday occurrence.

Charlie is now designated as “Rescue Only”

Petharbor: ID #a4975361

Baldwin Park Shelter

4275 Elton St

Baldwin Park, CA


Mon-Thurs 12-7

Fri-Sun 10-5

17 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    COME ON RESCUES in CALIFORNIA SINCE your STATE is so damn= BACKWARD and refuse to WORK WITH OUT OF STATE RESCUES does this POOR LITTLE GUY HAVE TO DIE???? JUST BECAUSE A CALFORNIA RESCUE WON”T STAND UP TO THE PLATE!!!!! SHAME ON YOU STATE AS A WHOLE OR SHOULD I SAY HOLE!!! This little guy needs help and a worker or off the street person can’t HELP HIM OUT!!!! GOOD GOD GIVE HIM (CHARLIE) a Chance at a GOOD LIFE !!!! With a loving family!!!!

    • Tracy J Friedman says:

      Hi I know how frustrating it is to see post after post about Pitties and other dogs plights here . The real problem is the rescues are so over loaded, only 1 in 600 pits make it out alive from a shelter with #2 most Euthanized dog being the little’s “Chi’s”. Not Spaying or Neutering, back yard breeders and puppy mills!

  2. Trecia Juhnke says:

    This makes me sad.The owners have no clue what they are doing to supposely to their best friend.After years of living with a backyard freedom,he’s dumped in a shelter not knowing if he will ever get out?Send the dog up to Oregon on one of those freedom flights There is a beter solution than his present state.

  3. Elizabeth Morgan says:

    Please SAVE Charlie. Please don’t let him be MURDERED. He is such as sweet soul. How HORRIBLE to murder this innocent little baby who is begging for his life. God Bless Rescue Angels. Thank you! ~ NW Florida

  4. Tracy says:

    CHARLIE has been rescued from death. TNT rescue that saved CHARLIE hadn’t come forward as of yet! On Facebook use #4975361 to search Charlie’s posts and shares?


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