Cesar, pit bull in Staten Island held For 6 months on false Allegations

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It seems BSL is continuing to rear its ugly head, not only in the controversial activities of Montreal but here in the United States as well. Dogs are being seized from their families on the fraudulent promise of only a 10 day quarantine; then being held indefinitely and neglected by those that are holding them hostage.

Cesar, a pit bull residing in Staten Island, New York with his owner Kristina Zdanaviciute Panattieri and her husband Douglas Panattieri, has never shown any signs of aggression. He actually serves as a therapy dog for an autistic child.  However, six months ago an incident occurred that has Cesar sitting on death row, and his owners worried over his physical and mental well-being.

The incident occurred while Cesar was in his own yard when a neighbor’s dog wandered into his territory. Cesar did exactly what any dog would’ve done no matter what the breed; he attempted to protect his territory. An altercation ensued between Cesar and the neighbor’s dog, resulting in the neighbor receiving a bite wound.  There is no concrete evidence that it was Cesar who did the biting, it could very easily been the neighbor’s own dog who inflicted the wound.

Nonetheless it was Cesar who was impounded and taken to Staten Island Animal Care and Control facility where he was supposed to only be held on a ten day quarantine per the Department of Health.  It has been six months since the incident, and Cesar has not been released to his owners as promised and now the Department of Health wants him euthanized.

During his six month imprisonment, Cesar has lost over twenty pounds and has gotten sick with pneumonia. He is being denied food and water and proper veterinarian care. He is also suffering from parasites and bacteria, yet his owners are not allowed to take him to a private vet. He is kept in a cage and not given adequate exercise. His owners, the Panattierris are only allowed to visit him twice a week for fifteen minutes each.

Under these deplorable conditions, Cesar will most likely die.  The Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center has an obligation to keep the animals in their care safe and well. That is their job; that is what they are being paid, but unfortunately they are lacking in their responsibilities by letting a dog waste away and die while under their roof.

The case is being appealed, and a petition has been started on Cesar’s behalf urging Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto and Attorney Christina Kang for the Department of Health to let Cesar go home to his family.

Please sign and share Cesar’s petition.


It is a gross miscarriage of justice to continue to keep Cesar imprisoned at the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center when there is no evidence he has done anything wrong other than behave as any other dog would in the given circumstances.


The Department of Health and the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center need to be held accountable for their treatment of Cesar. They need to be investigated and prosecuted with the same zeal and aggressiveness that they prosecute innocent animals and their owners.


Do not let them get away with this.





24 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting, let Cesar go home already! Any other breed would have been back with his family after the 10 days if they were even taken away at all! I am signing the petition, this idiocy needs to stop!

  2. Dorris says:

    Free him your causing more harm to the dog Cesar let him go back to his loving home neighbor dogs should of been in his own yard leashed not roaming around he’s your personal property they can’t keep him get a lawyer . I did she now 14 years old .

  3. Alex Winchester says:

    This petition has been removed. Please dig deeper before posting a story including links. There was a questionable fundraiser linked to the petition whose organizer is a known scammer.

  4. Sam says:

    What? This dog was LOOSE , breaking the cities strict leash laws, and MAULED a LEASHED chihuahua being walked by an elderly man. Cesar ripped this poor dog in half! He has a history of getting loose, mauling pets, and biting people!!!

  5. Christine says:

    I witnessed this attack & it was horrific! It happened on the street while that man was walking his chihuahua so to say that the attack happened in this pit bulls own yard is false! I’m not saying this dog should be kept locked up & treated so cruelly, that’s is wrong, I’m just saying that poor little chihuahua was being walked on a leash & did not cause that attack! That poor baby was literally ripped in have! I still remember that day every time I drive by that spot, it was horrible!

  6. Melanie says:

    Free Cesar..he did what any dog would do..so now he’s being punished..not fare..I pray for Cesar to go home finally..such evil people..making the dog suffer..just evil..God will make you pay..

  7. redneckmodern says:

    This dog has KILLED another dog, chihuahua ,AND bit two humans and two cats. This dog is not unfairly being held. This particular dog is dangerous..and has proven himself to be dangerous. You are not helping your cause by holding THIS dog up as a poster child for rescue.

  8. Catherine says:

    This article is a bag of lies. The dog was aggressive bfore, it killed a Maltese and bit that dog’s owner, and killed cats. Also, it was NOT defending it’s property, it got loose and charged an old man walking his chihuahua and ripped the chihuahua out of its owners arms and bit it in half. Dog needs to be euthanised, owners need some therapy for being psychopaths.


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