Adopted dog found wandering the streets

Celebrity slapped with fine after adopted dog found wandering

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Actress Anna Faris has been slapped with a hefty $5,000 fine by a Los Angeles, California, area animal rescue agency after the dog that she adopted was found wandering alone, and “starving.”  Laurel Kinder, founder of Kinder4rescue, took to Facebook to rant about the situation.

According to Kinder, Faris’ dog, a Chihuahua named Pete, was found “starving” on the street – she wrote:

The puppy you adopted from us years ago was found starving on the street someone brought it into a vet scanned the microchip, we’ve been calling you for days no return call did you read your contract about giving our dogs away and the $5000 fine.

She scathingly added:

Anna, being a celebrity does not excuse you from following the rules or respecting the rescue you adopted the dog from, or abiding by the contract. This is why people are not allowed to give Kinder4rescue dogs away they have adopted from us because they become disposable get passed around and end up on the street like this.

According to TMZ, Faris intends to make arrangements to bring the dog home…whether it’s her home, or someone else’s remains unclear.

(Photo via Facebook)

  1. d fairbanks
    d fairbanks says:

    B***h!!! If I can afford to take care of and feed my 4 pets, you can certainly do the same for your little dog! Heaven knows you are in much better shape to do so than I am, yet I would never think of doing what you have done to your dog.

  2. Kathryn Aldridge
    Kathryn Aldridge says:

    Anna, I am SO DISAPPOINTED in you! How could you let this HAPPEN??? Did you give Pete AWAY to someone? I have been one of your biggest fans, but no more. You should be RESCUING dogs, not letting them wander around and STARVE! VERY DISAPPOINTED! ? ? ? ?

  3. Barkley's Mom
    Barkley's Mom says:

    I would like to hear Faris’s story as to why was the dog wandering around “homeless”, why she didn’t answer the phone when they tried to call her and why she thinks after this, she should get the dog back. Just because you are famous and have money doesn’t mean you make a good pet parent, and from the sounds of it, Anna Faris is NOT!

  4. Patricia Green
    Patricia Green says:

    She played in the comedy Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs !!! With all the movies u have played in u take care of your fur baby this way your a bitch and should never own a pet… karma will get u !!!!

  5. Nadya Wall-Rossi
    Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    There is no excuse whatsoever. I’m glad she got the $5,000 fine and I hope she is prevented from ever owning another animal again.

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Very disappointed Anna. I love your acting but I am appalled by your behaviour. Why is your dog wandering around starving to death? I hope this is not the end of this story because it needs to end with a happy ending not some kind of nonsense that you can’t honor your responsibility to a helpless chihuahua. Grow up and be an adult and a good example.

  7. Holly
    Holly says:

    I think this is so sad and disappointing for this poor dog may anna rot in hell that dog deserved a hell of a lot better than what you treated her/him anna your a celebrity god sake if you have money for yourself surely you got money to keep the poor baby alive


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