Cat survives under Italy earthquake rubble for five days

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Amidst all the heartbreak in the earthquake ravaged city of Amatrice, a lucky kitty, who surely must have used at least two of her nine lives, was found alive under the collapsed structure she used to call home, reports the Local.Cat found after Italian earthquake

Gioia – “Joy” in Italian, was dehydrated, bruised and very sore when she was pulled out into the daylight, but her happy owner couldn’t wait to cuddle her in her arms. Daniela had to flee her home when the earthquake hit on August 24 with a 6.2 magnitude tremor and couldn’t find Gioia anywhere; however Daniela never gave up searching for her feline best friend.

As rescue efforts proceeded, Daniela begged the firefighters to help her find her cat. “She’s all that I have left,” Daniela cried, but as the days passed by, the chances of finding Gioia grew slimmer and slimmer. But in a world of miracles however, a worker who had been sifting through the wreckage with a bulldozer, spotted the terrified kitty moving slowly out of the corner of his eye and called for help. Firemen grabbed her, carried her out to the safety of the street and gave her water.

On the Facebook page of ENPA, an animal protection agency, Gioia was examined by veterinarians and is expected to make a full recovery. So far more than 300 animals have been rescued including cats, dogs and horses. Rescuers hope to reunite the pets with their families.

(Photos: Screenshot via ENPA)

A video of the rescue follows:

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