Cat frozen in ice saved from beneath a train

Frozen cat rescued from beneath train
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A cat, frozen in ice and snow, was recently saved from beneath a train by a conductor in Canada. According to CBC News,  conductor Brad Slater, a Canadian National Railway employee, heard pitiful cries early Sunday morning, and when he went to investigate, he found the tabby frozen in the ice and snow beneath the train.

The cold cat was plucked out of the bitter cold and wrapped into a t-shirt. With the help of train engineer William Munsey, the chilled feline was able to warm up inside of the train – safely out of the frigid weather outdoors. Munsey told CBC News how the cat quickly settled in for the journey, and how he seemed to know which man had saved him, “Within five hours it was curled up on his lap … he was pushing his face against Brad’s arm. It was almost as if it knew how close it had been to dying and knew exactly which human had saved it.”

Frozen cat found beneath train

Slater dubbed the rescued cat Q199 (for the train’s number) and welcomed him into his home, but the cat may not be staying. A couple, who believes that Q199 may actually be their cat, “Tiger,” has come forward after seeing the media coverage of the heartwarming feline rescue. The couple, Brent Hahn and his wife Lynn Hahn, have retired from jobs with the Canadian National Railway and they told Slater that they adopted Tiger back in 2012.

The couple plans to meet up with Slater to determine if “Q” is actually their missing cat.

(Photos screenshots via CBC News)

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  1. I think the cat should stay with the current owner! How do you let your cat get away in these kinds of temperatures. Finders keepers!! 🙂

  2. First, Mr Slater, thank u SO VERY MUCH 4 just GIVING A DAMN! REALLY! I believe a responsibility crosses ur path…it’s urs 2 help or get help! Thnx 4 NOT leaving that poor creature. Also, my BIG concern is that this cat iz ok, & that he DOES HAVE A HOME! ????⬅that & BIG Hugggz 4 u BOTH

  3. Well done Brad and William for your kindness and goodness, I bet that was one happy cat. A heart-warming story (literally!) BRILLIANT! God bless you Q199 (or Tiger?) for staying with us!

  4. well,
    lets go solomon lite.
    put kitty in the middle and couple on one side and saviour on the other.
    let me know how it works out.
    i already know the answer.
    so do you.


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